Senior Hardware Engineer

Position Location: Buffalo, NY (Corporate Headquarters)

  • Work as a Lead FPGA Design Engineer in our project teams 
  • Work with the Project team to architect and design new products from Market requirements 
  • Provide a system approach to product design, working with both software and hardware to provide quick integration and debug of new products 
  • Utilize VHDL skills for logic design/debug 
  • Utilize extensive knowledge with Altera's Quartus and Platform Designer tools 
  • Address FPGA timing issues, utilizing Timequest reports and high speed FPGA design techniques to get designs to pass timing 
  • Develop design specifications and release documentation 
  • Support the Software and Test groups during the development and testing of products

Position Qualifications:

  • Education: BSEE or BSCE minimum 
  • Experience: 7 years minimum 
  • Extensive experience with FPGA design environment 

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