ATTO Technology's Storage Controller Certified with
CommandSoft FibreJet® SAN Management Software

CommandSoft validates switchless storage configurations with FastStream and FibreJet

Apr 20, 2009

Amherst, NY (April 20, 2009) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments today announced that their FastStream™ Storage Controller has successfully been certified with CommandSoft FibreJet® SAN Management software. Customers will immediately benefit with improved workflows in a shared storage solution when using ATTO FastStream Storage Controllers with FibreJet software.

ATTO's FastStream Storage Controller easily incorporates into the CommandSoft FibreJet environment to provide a shared storage solution geared toward the post production market. When paired with off-the-shelf SAS or SATA storage enclosures, FastStream Storage Controllers provide customers with high-performance, low latency data transfers to eliminate performance hassles and dropped frames.

"Today's announcement strengthens the importance of SAN Management software in a shared storage solution," states James U’Ren, FastStream Product Marketing Manager for ATTO Technology. "Our relationship with CommandSoft provides customers with a well-supported solution that meets the needs of customers looking to expand and accelerate their workflow. Studios moving toward High-Definition video need to implement a solution that will help them meet project deadlines while maximizing editors’ time in the studio."

"The performance needs of High-Definition video editing are demanding and require a fast, shared solution to remain competitive," said Jim Wolff, CEO at CommandSoft, Inc. "Our testing validated that the FastStream Storage Controller effectively creates a high-performance shared storage solution. It is exciting that a wide variety of customers can utilize this capability while avoiding the cost of a Fibre Channel switch."

About FastStream
FastStream allows up to four workstations to share a pool of RAID-protected SAS or SATA storage without using a Fibre Channel switch. Using the FastStream with SAS drives protected by RAID 5 provides support for up to five streams of 10-bit uncompressed HD video with performance up to 1400MB/s. In addition, the FastStream manages latency so editors can work with up to 30 total streams of DVCPro HD while simultaneously accessing up to 48 streams of uncompressed audio over eight workstations when using a Fibre Channel switch.

About CommandSoft
CommandSoft, Inc. is the developer of FibreJet, the premiere next-generation, cross-platform, shared storage management solution for Storage Area Networks (SANs). FibreJet is an elegantly simple solution to a complex work environment, providing true collaborative sharing in the workplace. The CommandSoft development team has been awarded multiple patents in the storage software environment launching their first SAN in 1993. For more information on the company, its products and its mission, visit the CommandSoft website at: or call 1.800.447.0144.

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