ATTO Technology's FastStream Storage Controller
Qualified Interoperable with Tiger Technology metaSAN® SAN Management Software

FastStream combined with metaSAN enables cross-platform SAN Management
for high performance, efficient workflows in video production environments

Sep 10, 2009

Amherst, NY (September 10, 2009) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments today announced that their FastStream™ Storage Controller has been qualified interoperable with Tiger Technology metaSAN® SAN Management software. Projects that require several editors to work on the same digital footage will benefit from the implementation of a shared storage solution using ATTO FastStream Storage Controllers with metaSAN software.

FastStream allows up to four workstations to share a pool of RAID-protected SAS or SATA storage without using a Fibre Channel switch. Using the FastStream with SAS drives protected by RAID 5 provides support for up to five streams of 10-bit uncompressed YUV HD video with performance up to 1400MB/s. In addition, the FastStream manages latency so editors can work with up to 30 total streams of DVCPro HD while simultaneously accessing up to 48 streams of uncompressed audio over several workstations when using a Fibre Channel switch.

"High-performance RAIDs capable of handling 2K workflows are quite expensive. We found that the ATTO FastStream allows us to leverage inexpensive JBODs by providing the RAID protection and the throughput needed for finishing work, at a remarkable price point." says Roy Prins of Systems 4U, "Combined with metaSAN, FastStream proves to be a real winning combination!”

Tiger Technology's metaSAN software manages the SAN and eliminates the risk of file system corruption by arbitrating simultaneous accesses and performing file-system translation that allows Windows-, Mac-, and Linux-based computers to share access to the same files. When paired with FastStream Storage Controllers customers have a high-performance; low latency data solution which eliminates performance hassles and dropped frames.

“In a shared environment it is important to have reliable software to manage the flow of data while preventing multiple writes to the same file,” states James U’Ren, FastStream Product Manager for ATTO Technology. “Tiger Technology provides a product that not only meets the needs of our customers looking to create a collaborative workflow but Tiger also supports customers moving from direct attached to shared storage with a solution that is very simple to install and manage. This is valuable for customers that may not have a dedicated IT department to setup and manage a new storage system.”

"We are delighted to further extend our relationship with ATTO, an innovation leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions," said Bernard Lamborelle, Director at Tiger Technology "The FastStream RAID storage controller and metaSAN software offers storage professionals a high-performance, scalable and easy to integrate SAN that is cost effective."

About Tiger Technology
Tiger Technology, Sarl, is a privately held company based in Geneva, Switzerland, developer of high performance storage area networking (SAN) management tools. The company's flagship product metaSAN builds upon years of SAN-related expertise and development to bring digital content creation and enterprise professionals involved with handling large bandwidth files a unique, cross-platform, hardware-agnostic, high-speed file sharing SAN management solution that sets new standards for workgroup collaboration and reliability. For further information on Tiger Technology please visit
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