ATTO Technology Partners with Maxx Digital to Provide RAID Final Share Storage Solution for Final Cut Pro

Amherst, NY/Huntington Beach, CA (October 13, 2009) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, and Maxx Digital, a leading storage solutions provider for high-performance digital media markets, today announced that the ATTO ExpressSAS® R380 SAS/SATA RAID Adapter is exclusively being used as part of Maxx Digital's Final Share Storage System to provide a high-bandwidth, RAID-protected, shared storage solution for Final Cut Pro users.

The ExpressSAS® R380, a 3Gb/s SAS/SATA x8 PCIe adapter, as part of the Final Share storage solution, provides a high-performance Ethernet-based SAN that allows video professionals to easily work with uncompressed SD, ProRes422HQ and DVCProHD on Macs. This low cost storage solution offers simplistic integration and setup with minimal ongoing management or administration and incorporates the ATTO R380 for high-performance connectivity and RAID protection.
“As part of the Maxx Digital's Final Share storage solution, the ATTO ExpressSAS® RAID card provides Final Cut Pro users with a high-performance RAID-protected editing solution which is critical for digital content creation applications," noted Tim Klein, president and CEO of ATTO Technology. "ATTO is proud to have the opportunity to partner with Maxx Digital to deliver a compelling SAN storage solution for production and post-production companies.”

“Final Share is the collaboration of our chief consultant, Bob Zelin, a Creative Cow leader, Maxx Digital, and ATTO Technology,” said Ron Amborn, owner of Maxx Digital. “Bob brought together the core technology with a Mac Pro server, ATTO's RAID card, and Maxx Digital's expandable storage, Gigabit Ethernet HBA and managed switch for bandwidth-intensive networks.”

The Final Share solution also provides dynamic 802.3ad link aggregation, and full AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) support, all while maintaining the simplicity of traditional LAN switching. In other words, Bob created a solution with 700MB/s to up to ten client FCP systems for a fraction of the cost of fibre. Maxx Digital pre-configures all of the Final Share systems and performs on-site installation anywhere within the US, or through iChat for support and walkthroughs.

ATTO will feature a live demonstration of this high-performance RAID storage solution at HD World, Oct 14-15 in New York City, booth 1343. They will also have the demonstration on the West Coast with Maxx Digital representatives available at HD Expo in Burbank, CA on November 4-5, booth 206.

About Maxx Digital
Maxx Digital is an innovative company focused on providing a large array of storage solutions for video editors, audio editors, and general enterprise data backup. Along with system integration, Maxx Digital offers excellent service and customer support. With a network of technical and creative support teams available even during off peak hours to deliver satisfaction that is second to none. Bringing in industry professionals also allows Maxx Digital to use real world experience and not just regurgitate bench tests. In addition to Final Share, Maxx Digital has developed a full line of, direct attached, hardware RAID storage. With new 2TB drives tested and approved, the Evo 2K 8 bay goes up to 16TB with speeds of 700+MB/s read and write, and the Evo 4K 16 bay goes up to 32TB with speeds of 800MB/s read and write. Contact Maxx Digital: 21562 Newland St, Huntington Beach, CA 92646; Phone: (714)374-4944; Fax (714)374-3404; Website:

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