ATTO Technology Supports FCoE Adoption with FastFrame 10Gb/s Converged Network Adapters

Apr 04, 2011

Amherst, NY (April 4, 2011) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, today introduced their FastFrame™ 10Gb/s Ethernet Converged Network Adapter (CNA), enabling FCoE, iSCSI and TCP/IP simultaneously thus enabling unified networks in data-intensive environments. FastFrame CNAs, including the industry's first Quad-port card, are based on ATTO's field-proven Fibre Channel technology and are optimized for storage connectivity. Combining Intel's industry leading Ethernet technology with data center bridging enhancements, ATTO's FastFrame CNAs offer the highest I/O throughput in the industry resulting in the best-in-class convergence solution available today.

FastFrame CNAs offer seamless integration with existing FC equipment without loss in performance maximizing the overall benefits of convergence by reducing the number of adapters and switches, cable clutter, power and cooling costs. Using ATTO's proprietary Advanced Data Streaming Technology™ (ADS), these CNAs provide consistent high-bandwidth with the lowest latency possible, a feature extremely valuable for many applications that are driving 10Gb/s adoption.
In addition, FastFrame boasts the industry's lowest power consumption of any converged network adapter available, up to 21 percent lower than its nearest competitor. The quad port option offers customers flexibility, cuts down on port usage resulting in a highly efficient fabric. Driver support includes Windows servers and workstation operating systems as well as Linux.

"ATTO is committed to providing a full-range of high-performance I/O connectivity products to the market, and has been a leading player in high-bandwidth storage connectivity markets for the past 23 years," said Timothy J. Klein, president and CEO for ATTO Technology, Inc. "Our FastFrame™ CNAs provide a cutting edge solution for our customers and offer the highest throughput for data centers, allowing them to maximize the benefits of converged networks while protecting their existing storage infrastructure investment."

FastFrame 10Gb/s Converged Network Adapters will be available for shipment in late April 2011 and will be on display in ATTO's booth at SNW 2011 at Hyatt Regency Silicon Valley/Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California April 4 through April 7 (kiosk A5). They will also be demonstrated at NAB 2011 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada April 11 through April 14 (Booth SL2510). For more information, please visit, or contact an ATTO authorized representative.

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