ATTO Technology's FibreBridge® 6500 Nominated for Storage Awards Connectivity Product of the Year

Jun 21, 2011

Amherst, NY (June 21 , 2011) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, today announced the ATTO FibreBridge® 6500 has been named a "Connectivity Product of the Year" finalist for the Storries VIII Storage Awards 2011 presented by Storage Magazine. The results will be revealed on Thursday, June 23 at The Grand Connaught Rooms, London, United Kingdom. The Storries is celebrating its eighth year of rewarding outstanding products, services and people in the storage industry.

The FibreBridge® 6500 allows the coexistence of SAS/SATA and SSD drives on a SAN with other Fibre Channel equipment. The current storage market has a large existing investment in Fibre Channel infrastructures (switches, servers, HBA) and Native Fibre Channel disk drives have a limited lifecycle which ends with 4Gb/s drives with availability ending in early 2012. The FibreBridge® 6500 provides investment protection of current SAN Infrastructures while enabling the use of new 6Gb SAS/SATA drive technology. Additionally, by eliminating many of the Fibre Channel components needed in a storage system, the FibreBridge® 6500 helps to control energy costs and reduce the number of switch ports required for storage.

"ATTO has a long history of engineering advanced bridging solutions that provide SAN connectivity to direct attached storage devices", stated Jim U'Ren, product manager for ATTO Technology. "We are thrilled that our FibreBridge® 6500 has been nominated as a 'Connectivity Product of the Year' finalist, and we are grateful to be in the running for this prestigious award."

The FibreBridge® 6500 allows SAN users to take advantage of the device and architectural flexibility provided by SAS/SATA storage technology; users can tier with SATA and SSD drives for a storage strategy to create an effective connectivity solution. The FibreBridge® gives users access to ATTO-only features including patent-pending Drive Map Director™ technology which provides a logical, static topology and enables login parameters, access controls and security for racks of SAS/SATA storage. Advanced Data Streaming™ (ADS), a proprietary latency management technology that provides the highest possible bandwidth and IOPS in a bridging product.

The FibreBridge® 6500 also dramatically reduces infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for a high number of Fibre Channel director / switch ports and Fibre Channel storage components such as SFP modules. Reducing the number of Fibre components from a traditional Fibre Channel storage rack also results in lower energy usage to fit within overall power budgets.

"ATTO Bridges have not only been used to interconnect one technology to another, they also add features not found in direct attached technologies," added U'Ren. "Most bridges are passive, but ATTO's technology allows for intelligent connectivity that manages communication between initiators and a variety of storage solutions including tape, SAS and solid state drives."

For more information on the FibreBridge® 6500, please visit, or contact an ATTO authorized representative.

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