ATTO Technology Introduces ThunderLink® and ThunderStream®

Broadest Portfolio of Thunderbolt™-enabled Storage and Network Connectivity

Apr 10, 2012

Amherst, NY (April 10, 2012) — ATTO Technology, Inc., today announced the ThunderLink® and ThunderStream® families of Desklink™ devices representing the latest next generation, high-performance storage and network connectivity products for mobile devices, laptops and Ultrabooks. These solutions allow customers to use high-end, data-intensive applications on Thunderbolt™-enabled portable computers in highly-mobile environments. A number of live demonstrations will be showcased at NAB, April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“ThunderLink® and ThunderStream® represent ATTO's first offerings in what will be a comprehensive line of Thunderbolt-enabled products,” said Wayne Arvidson, vice president of marketing at ATTO Technology. “ATTO makes it possible to work with content in a variety of environments anywhere, any time. We are excited to be on the forefront of technology that allows users to access storage on a level never before possible with mobile devices.”

ThunderLink® and ThunderStream® products allow portable devices that, in the past incorporated interfaces such as FireWire and USB connections, access to external 6Gb SAS/SATA storage, 8Gb Fibre Channel and 10Gb Ethernet networks via Thunderbolt at performance levels not previously attainable. They are the only Thunderbolt-enabled connectivity products on the market that incorporate the versatility to handle any protocol and any host while addressing the demands of rapidly evolving work environments and allowing access to enterprise data center networks.

ThunderLink® devices provide fast, redundant and highly-available connectivity to enterprise-class storage from EMC, IBM, NetApp and are an ideal solution for environments such as medical imaging and video rendering. The ThunderStream® family adds a storage controller to provide high-performance RAID functionality. They let users achieve the highest I/O and data throughput for advanced video applications and in data centers with RAID protection.

“We encourage all NAB attendees to view our latest solutions in our booth located in the South Hall, number SL6320. We will be showing both devices including a ThunderStream® embedded unit utilizing a linear tape file system array,” added Arvidson. “We'll also be demonstrating Desklink™ devices in a number of our Access™ partner booths throughout the show.”

ATTO's partner booths include:

  • Facilis - SL9019
  • Editshare - SL9012
  • EMC Isilon - SL6315
  • Intel - SL12810
  • Tolis - SL13205
  • SAN Solutions - SU7919
  • Maxx Digital - SL13105

For more information on ATTO ThunderLink® and ThunderStream® Desklink devices, please visit:
For a complete list of ATTO's NAB partners, visit:
For information on the ATTO Access Program, visit:

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