The ATTO ExpressSAS® RAID Adapter v2.0 Offers Performance
Up to 5X Faster Than the Competition

Industry's Highest Throughput SAS/SATA Adapters for Content-Rich IT and Digital Video Applications

Jan 29, 2008

Amherst, NY (January 29, 2008) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, today announced v2.0 of their ExpressSAS® RAID Adapter product line. Delivering significant enhancements in performance, scalability and flexibility, v2.0 makes ExpressSAS® RAID the fastest and most versatile solution for both IT and digital media applications.

ExpressSAS® v2.0 implements enhanced optimizations specifically designed for IT environments – these improvements are in addition to the already impressive performance levels designed for the digital media market. Using industry standard tools including Iometer database, file server and web server scripts, as well as SQL and ORION database benchmarking tools, ExpressSAS® RAID outperformed the leading competitor in tests measuring IOPS performance. Tests were conducted to emulate transactional environments using a combination of random and sequential reads/writes, small block transfers and a range of outstanding I/O requests that are typical of IT applications. Typical results indicated 10-25% better performance and, in some cases, 5X faster performance in a variety of test scenarios.

Easy to deploy, manage and scale, ExpressSAS® RAID is the ideal solution for transactional database applications, email servers and large server farms. Features, such as ‘pass-through mode’, offer more flexibility for end users. This unique capability allows connectivity to RAID JBODs while simultaneously connecting to non-block end devices such as SAS tape drives and SAS tape libraries. Acting as a dual-purpose host and RAID adapter, ExpressSAS® now allows users to perform backup functions while maintaining the ability to RAID across SAS or SATA drives in a JBOD enclosure. This added functionality saves costs by eliminating the need for multiple, single-purpose adapters, each requiring a dedicated PCIe bus.

Capable of handling the most demanding video applications relying on large block data transfers, ExpressSAS® RAID outperforms the leading competitor in environments such as 2K and 4K film, multiple layers of complex, uncompressed real-time effects, and high definition video editing. Using both ATTO and third party test tools, benchmark tests indicate 15-25% higher performance in large-block environments. With advanced fault-tolerant features including support for hot swap, automatic RAID group rebuild, hot spare support, online capacity expansion, and optimized disk utilization for SAS drives, SATA II drives, or any combination of the two, the ATTO ExpressSAS® RAID Adapter delivers an intelligent and low-profile RAID solution. In addition to supporting industry standard RAID levels 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 40, 50 and 60, ExpressSAS® RAID also features ATTO's exclusive DVRAID™ protection offering advanced RAID for digital video environments.

“With the release of Version 2.0, our ExpressSAS® RAID Adapters offer unparalleled performance in both streaming and transactional installations, states Edward Tierney, director of marketing for ATTO Technology. He adds, “Most other solutions focus on I/O applications only, so with ATTO, v2.0 customers are assured of optimal performance in both IT and digital media environments.”

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