ATTO Technology to Highlight Fibre Channel Connectivity Portfolio at Cloud Expo Europe 2016

End-to-end solutions to accelerate cloud-based applications and infrastructure

Apr 06, 2016

Amherst, NY (April 6, 2016)ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage and network connectivity solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announced today that it will showcase its portfolio of solutions designed to optimize and accelerate cloud-based infrastructure at Cloud Expo Europe, April 12-13 at the ExCel Center in London.


The main focus of ATTO’s display (#143) will be the FibreBridge® 7500 Fibre Channel SAN Storage Controller. At Cloud Expo, ATTO will demonstrate how the 7500 provides an open, modular platform that can be used to build, backup, optimize and scale storage infrastructures while providing a high level of ROI in comparison with proprietary flash and hybrid storage appliances that limit flexibility and create vendor lock-in.


  • Build: The 7500 adds enterprise-level 16Gb Fibre Channel SAN connectivity, diagnostics and management and monitoring to direct-attached SAS/SATA JBOD, JBOF or RAID storage. By aggregating up to 240 SSD or HDD devices, it lets users build high-capacity storage solutions that enable multiple servers to access a shared pool of SSD Flash or tiered storage to accelerate applications.
  • Backup: FibreBridge® Storage Controllers form a core component of a software-defined stretch cluster business continuity solution powered by Nexenta’s NexentaStor with MetroHA plug-in. Stretch clusters provide the ability to load-balance between and synchronously store data at two disparate sites, enabling high-availability and disaster and downtime avoidance.
  • Optimize: Delivering 1.47M 4K IOPS in dual-controller configurations with less than 4 microseconds of latency, the 7500 provides unmatched dollars per IOPS value and the lowest access latency in the industry. By accelerating all reads and writes in hardware and offloading the CPU, memory and network from data transfers, it enables servers to be 100% dedicated to application performance.
  • Scale: The open, modular configuration of the 7500 gives users the freedom to scale the size of each individual resource, including compute, memory, network and storage on an as-required basis. The 7500 also lets IT administrators initiate non-disruptive upgrades, adding storage capacity without server reboots.



ATTO’s Cloud Expo Europe display will additionally showcase the Celerity Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter line, which was recently expanded with the introduction of 32Gb and 16Gb Gen 6 products. Celerity HBAs enable companies to capitalize on their existing SAN infrastructure to support exponential data growth from applications such as high-performance computing and data warehousing, along with the proliferation of virtualized servers and flash arrays. When combined with ATTO’s FibreConnect™ Series Fibre Channel Switches, they create a complete SAN connectivity solution with high bandwidth, low latency and the lowest power consumption in the industry.



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