ATTO Technology Introduces XstreamCORE™ Storage Controller with Two New Technologies to Speed Data Transfers

First-in-industry xCORE™ Data Acceleration, eCORE™ Control Engine technologies work seamlessly with any storage system

Amherst, NY (August 2, 2016) – There’s a new, easy way to get a stronger core and it has nothing to do with hitting the gym or developing abdominal strength. Instead, it’s a cornerstone for stronger data protection and faster transfers, clocking in at less than four microseconds, without breaking a sweat.


 ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage, network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments for more than 25 years, proudly announces the release of its new XstreamCORE Storage Controller, which adds common, open features to any flash-based storage system.


“XstreamCORE Storage Controllers are unique plug-and-play devices that enable storage architects to build highly scalable, shared storage solutions that take advantage of commodity flash and capacity storage,” says James U’Ren, product manager. “XstreamCORE is an open technology that provides common services and features for storage that increase overall solution performance with end-to-end latency of less than four microseconds. The controller allows impressive scalability, enabling up to 960 flash devices to be managed from a single pane of glass.”


What makes XstreamCORE different from other technologies on the market are three new features:

  • xCORE Data Acceleration™ technology, featuring multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines with end-to-end I/O processing, hardware buffer allocation management, deterministic latency and real-time performance and latency analytics. Users will benefit from very high, reliable throughput and IOPS while adding less than four microseconds of latency.
  • eCORE Control Engine™ adds common, open storage services, integrates with industry standard APIs, handles reservations, storage routing and host and LUN mapping functions. eCORE also manages traffic for data mover offload functions with error handling and diagnostic tools, adding value to any storage infrastructure while tightly integrating with any server-based software.
  • XstreamVIEW™ System Manager, the XstreamCORE user interface, allows administrators to remotely manage, set up and configure the storage controller while providing storage performance metrics, data mover traffic statistics, storage and host LUN mapping and diagnostic tools.


These technologies enable XstreamCORE to share direct-attached storage to a fabric with enhanced functionality at up to 12GB/s throughput or 3 million 4K IOPS per controller pair. XstreamCORE features hardware data mover offload, which reads and writes data directly between storage and the controller to offload host server, fabric and network resources, enabling the transfer of data in virtualized environments in minutes instead of hours.

The XstreamCORE FC 7500 is available for purchase today in a 1U 19” rackmount form factor with dual 16Gb Gen 5 Fibre Channel and independent quad 12Gb SAS connections which allow for lower latency with direct-connect storage instead of daisy-chaining SSD SAS storage shelves. ATTO has OEM programs available to embed these controllers in OEM solutions in its current or custom form factors.


Contact ATTO for an evaluation or demonstration of the new XstreamCORE storage controller or visit us in Booth 637 at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, Calif., or in Booth 846 at VMworld in Las Vegas. For more information on XstreamCORE, go to



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