ATTO Technology Showcases Innovative Storage Infrastructure Solutions at Macworld for OS X Environments

High-Performance Host and RAID Adapters and Storage Controller Appliances Top Product List for High Bandwidth Applications

Jan 14, 2008

Macworld Expo, San Francisco, CA (January 14, 2008) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, is demonstrating its ExpressSAS® RAID Adapters that provide parity protection and enhance workflow productivity from SD through 4K film for demanding broadcast and post-production environments. Located in Macworld booth S1543, ATTO will also showcase its FastStream™ Storage Controller Appliances. When coupled with Apple's Xserve® RAID storage, the FastStream SC appliance addresses the need of RAID protection for critical data without suffering the performance impact associated with more traditional solutions.

The ExpressSAS® RAID adapter demonstration features DVRAID™ technology that provides parity protection in high-bandwidth environments. The ExpressSAS® RAID Adapter family provides SAS/SATA II connectivity and delivers blazing-fast 3-Gb/sec. per port performance for digital media users requiring the highest performance SAS/SATA RAID solutions. It is a low-profile line of adapters offering user selectable port configuration options. Providing advanced fault-tolerant features that include hot swap, hot spares, online capacity expansion, battery back-up, and optimized disk utilization for SAS/SATA or SATA II drives or any combination, the ATTO ExpressSAS® R348 and R380 adapters deliver an intelligent and robust RAID solution. The adapters support standard RAID levels 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 50 and 60 and feature ATTO's exclusive DVRAID, making them capable of handling the most demanding applications such as 2K and 4K film, multiple layers of complex, uncompressed real-time effects, and high definition video editing.

ATTO will also display its Xtend SAN iSCSI initiator for OS X and iSCSI storage interface bridges that allow users to create a heterogeneous SAN that combines Mac storage and servers with other storage. Additionally, they act as key enablers for applications such as remote backup/disaster recovery and collaborative workflows.

ATTO's iSCSI solutions for Mac
also enable collaborative workflows with SCSI storage. The ATTO iPBridge™ Appliance family provides iSCSI connectivity for SCSI and Fibre Channel storage, making storage that was previously direct-attached into network-addressable storage. The ATTO iPBridge 2700 allows remote Fibre Channel networks to connect over long distances using iSCSI technology. Mac OS X workstations, including laptops, running Xtend SAN can collaborate on projects utilizing data on those pieces of storage, which provides for more efficient workflows.

“This year's Macworld will provide us the opportunity to demonstrate how ATTO solutions support high-bandwidth applications in multiple environments. We will also showcase how ATTO storage infrastructure solutions simplify and improve the digital media workflow for both standard and high definition video production and broadcast environments,” states Ed Tierney, director of marketing for ATTO Technology, Inc.

ATTO continues to be the only host adapter and controller manufacturer that fully supports legacy and leading edge Mac products and solutions.

The complete set of infrastructure solutions on display at Macworld include:

  • 3-Gb SAS/SATA Host Adapters
  • 4-Gb PCIe and PCI-X Fibre Channel Host Adapters
  • Ultra320 PCIe SCSI Host Adapters
  • 4-Gb Fibre Channel-to-SCSI Bridges
  • iSCSI Bridges
  • RAID Storage Controller Appliances
  • Performance Striping Software

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