ATTO Technology Announces Support for Thunderbolt™ 3 for Mac® Platforms

New development further expands opportunities to connect to Apple platforms with ATTO devices.

Oct 27, 2016

Amherst, NY (October 27, 2016)ATTO Technology, Inc continues to build on its long partnership with Apple technology innovations by announcing its plan to support Thunderbolt™ 3 for Mac platforms.


“Our announcement of Thunderbolt 3 support for Apple’s newest platforms is proof of ATTO’s commitment to provide the most reliable products powering high-performance audio and video workflows,” said Tim Klein, CEO of ATTO Technology. “We’ve been pleased to support Mac platforms through the development of Thunderbolt  2 technology and look forward to offering customers the industry’s first in what will be a comprehensive line of Apple approved Thunderbolt 3 devices, beginning with Thunderbolt 3 to 40Gb Ethernet, 10Gb Ethernet, 32Gb Fibre Channel and 16Gb Fibre Channel.”  


With nearly 30 years of experience powering high-performance workflows, ATTO’s network and storage connectivity products address all aspects of media production and support each step in the process from content creation to delivery. Apple has long been a platform of choice for creative professionals. New applications such as 4K digital video production and editing now bring challenges including greatly expanded file sizes, project complexity and storage footprint. ATTO continues to innovate and provide solutions to power these and other high-performance environments, including the most demanding applications used for government and education and scientific research.


Featuring a complete portfolio of low-profile Thunderbolt 2 to 10GbE, Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA and SAS RAID devices, ATTO continues to provide the only full line of Thunderbolt 2 devices for storage and network connectivity on the market. ATTO Thunderbolt devices are ideal for creative professionals who need access to external storage and networks for I/O demanding applications such as data back-up and restoration, video-on-demand and video streaming as well as 2K, 4K and ultra-high-definition video post-production workflows. 


ATTO’s consistent support for Apple recognizes the need to keep pace with the latest technology for accessing high-performance storage and networks.


ATTO products are available for purchase through leading resellers, systems integrators, OEMs and the ATTO webstore. Learn more at

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