ATTO Technology to preview new category of 40Gb Ethernet to 12GB SAS storage controllers

XstreamCORE™ ET 8200 to be unveiled at VMworld

Aug 28, 2017

Amherst, NY (August 28, 2017)ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage, network connectivity and infrastructure solutions, will be previewing the new XstreamCORE™ ET 8200 storage controller adding Ethernet connectivity to stranded SAS storage at VMworld 2017, booth 1801. The 8200 is designed to provide the benefits of lossless Ethernet technology, data acceleration and remotely located storage to the users of direct-attached SAS storage.

The 8200 is the highly anticipated Ethernet version of the centralized, rack-scale flash storage controller that shares and remotely connects a high number of SAS SSD drives. The XstreamCORE ET 8200 converts 12Gb and 6Gb SAS/SATA storage to 40Gb Ethernet allowing direct attached storage to be remotely accessed by any authorized user eliminating the need for a storage server. XstreamCORE then remotely shares this storage over long or short distances using high-speed Ethernet technology. The XstreamCORE ET 8200 includes exclusive ATTO features, like xCORE data acceleration and the eCORE control engine plus one-pane of glass interface, XstreamVIEW™.

The XstreamCORE ET 8200 combines the high performance of iSER (iSCSI Extensions for RDMA) with the cost effectiveness of SSD based JBOD storage for higher bandwidth, lower latency and lower CPU utilization using RDMA. iSER extends iSCSI by eliminating TCP/IP processing overhead and instead uses RDMA to access memory directly without going through the CPU to transport iSCSI commands which preserves interoperability of the iSCSI protocol.

"Any organization that values transactional speed and has stranded direct-attached SAS/SATA block storage that they would like to remotely share by bringing it into their Ethernet network would stand to gain from installing the XstreamCORE ET 8200," said Tim Klein, President and co-founder of ATTO Technology, "ATTO developed the 8200 to take advantage of the full bandwidth of RDMA capable Ethernet networks and DCB switching."

ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 is the third controller in the XstreamCORE family which introduces Ethernet and complements ATTO Fibre Channel based controller models. Designed for highly reliable installations, XstreamCORE is ideal for storage disaggregations, hyperscale data centers fast block storage, high performance computing and imaging, databases and financial applications. XstreamCORE has redundant, field replaceable power supplies, allows independent scaling of storage and compute and enables up to 960 lower cost SAS/SATA drives to be shared over Ethernet networks.

General market availability for the XstreamCORE ET 8200 will be in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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