ATTO Technology announces ATTO XstreamCORE™ support for remote and shared access over Ethernet or Fibre Channel to SAS LTO Tape Drives and SATA Optical Drives

Oct 25, 2017

Amherst, NY (October 24, 2017)ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage, network connectivity and infrastructure solutions, announces support for ATTO XstreamCORETM storage controllers to add remote Fibre Channel or Ethernet connectivity to SATA optical disc and SAS LTO tape devices including the newly available LTO-8 tape format. XstreamCORE is designed to provide the benefits of remote access to Direct Attached Storage (DAS) technologies as well as the connection of multiple devices to be shared by multiple clients.

"The digital tape market is experiencing new growth and is in a position to more rapidly deliver declining cost for storage over the next decade for archive and cold storage. This is especially true in markets that include High Performance Computing, Digital Video Surveillance, Media and Entertainment, Research and Education, Government Agencies, Broadcast and Cloud Service Providers." Stated Jim U'Ren, Product Manager for XstreamCORE at ATTO, "Cloud providers have especially embraced tape as a cost-effective way to handle the growing amount of data being generated and stored in the cloud. Tape is the option that will cost less and last longer over time giving better margins over spinning disk technology. XstreamCORE enables these service providers a more efficient way to add tape and grow capacity in their portfolio of storage options."

XstreamCORE is a rack-scale flash and capacity storage controller that bridges 12Gb and 6Gb SAS storage devices and SATA devices to share and remotely connect them to Fibre Channel or Ethernet networks. XstreamCORE includes exclusive ATTO developed features including xCORE™ data acceleration to rapidly move data, the eCORE™ control engine to add services and management features to storage while not affecting performance, and SpeedWrite™, a tape and optical performance feature that significantly boosts write performance by effectively managing commands between attached clients and tape and optical devices.

"There are several government regulations such as those promoted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with best practices that require organizations to back up their server data as well as keep it separate from original copies of that data for legal and financial reasons. " Stated Jeff Okonczak, Director of Customer Engineering at ATTO, "XstreamCORE enables organizations to attach multiple SAS tape or SATA optical devices and move this hardware out of the data center, or out of the building, to secure facilities to comply with these regulations."

By directly being able to connect up to 16 SATA optical or SAS tape drives with the possibility of additional drives being connected through SAS expanders, XstreamCORE enables a lower cost of ownership versus native Ethernet or Fibre Channel tape devices. Fewer switch ports are required when using XstreamCORE and power, cooling, cabling and weight requirements can be better managed as the ATTO controller allows separation of racks of client servers, storage and archive devices. ATTO XstreamCORE FC 7500 currently supports connectivity for SAS tape devices and SATA optical devices to Fibre Channel connected servers or fabrics. ATTO Ethernet to SAS controllers will be available in early 2018 to support connectivity for these devices to Ethernet connected servers or fabrics.

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