ATTO Technology, Inc. Celebrates 30 Years

Aug 15, 2018

Amherst, NY (August 15, 2018) - ATTO Technology, Inc., a computer technology manufacturer based in Amherst, New York, is celebrating 30 years of innovation and success. ATTO specializes in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, and is the recognized leader in the Information Technology and Media & Entertainment storage connectivity markets.

ATTO was founded by Tim Klein and Dave Snell who left their jobs in 1988 to chase a vision. Klein and Snell realized that if they accelerated access to computer storage, the entire system processed data faster. They came up with technology that dramatically sped up storage access times which could be added to existing computer systems.

The company began with Klein and Snell working out of Klein’s family room before moving into the University at Buffalo Technology Incubator a year later. After relocating and expanding a few times, ATTO moved to their high-tech headquarters to Amherst where they remain today.

You might not have heard of ATTO, or know what they do, but if you watch movies, listen to music, need prescriptions filled, fly in airplanes, buy coffee or use a bank card, ATTO products have touched your life.

What does ATTO do?

They design and manufacture computer technology that connects computers to storage hardware and networks.

Why is this technology important?

There are many examples. High speed connections to storage have brought about the digital revolution in filmmaking. Back in the 1990s, ATTO was among the companies changing how films are created, from digital animation to CGI effects, editing to distribution, ATTO helped make all of that possible.

As another example, when you bank online or at an ATM, your machine needs to contact the bank’s computers, which then need to access your account information, securely, process the transaction, and then send the appropriate response back to the machine you are using. That entire sequence happens in seconds thanks to ATTO storage connectivity products.

One final example is the artificial intelligence used by researchers to parse untold amounts of data, leading to discoveries and advancements in science that were only dreamt about before the 1980s. ATTO high speed storage technology is an integral part of advanced network hardware processing much of that data.

"Celebrating 30 years of success would not be possible without the recognition of all past, present, and future employees who’ve contributed to our success as an industry leader," said ATTO president and CEO Tim Klein. "Also, we want to thank each and every client of ATTO, one time buyers or returning customers, who helped us to arrive at where we are today."

"However, as grateful as we are for the last 30 years, you should know that we are even more excited for the coming years," Klein said. "We look forward to the challenge of upholding our reputation as an industry leader throughout the M&E and IT spheres."

Stay with ATTO and watch them continue to lead the way!

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