ATTO FastStream™ SC Storage Appliances Provide RAID Protection and Remote Access for Digidesign ProTools|HD™ Applications

FastStream SC allows for collaborative audio workflows

Oct 16, 2007

AMHERST, NY (October 16, 2007) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announced today that its FastStream™ SC line of RAID storage controllers, which provide RAID protection and networked connectivity to SAS, SATA, SCSI and Fibre Channel storage, are interoperable with Digidesign ProTools|HD™ applications. ATTO displayed this solution at the 123rd AES Convention held in New York City October 5-8, at the Digidesign partner pavilion.

The FastStream SC was tested utilizing tools provided by Digidesign which simulate demanding audio editing scenarios.  By using multiple ProTools setups attached to storage through a single FastStream appliance, remote editing sessions were provided for 16- and 24-bit audio at up to a 192 kHz sample rate. Utilizing the maximum track count provided by ProTools, the FastStream storage solution was able to support record and playback of up to 96 tracks of 24-bit or 192 tracks of 16-bit audio each to three individual ProTools sessions.

Designed as an external device which integrates with disk storage, the FastStream SC RAID storage controller appliance line provides parity protection and enhanced performance. The FastStream features a one-button setup wizard which optimizes storage for specific applications including: audio, video, database and general IT with custom setups available for more advanced users.  With FastStream SC, storage can be accessed via a Storage Area Network (SAN), allowing for collaborative workflows. With a central point of management, FastStream SC allows multiple editing suites to be managed from a single location and remotely, making it simple to maintain and monitor storage.

“By providing Digidesign ProTools|HD users a networked storage environment which supports all track counts with sampling rates up to 192 kHz, the ATTO FastStream SC gives users the flexibility they need to complete audio projects including: orchestral recording, post production and film dubbing”, states Tom Kolniak, director of products for ATTO Technology. “By utilizing the ATTO FastStream SC to allow collaborative workflows on centralized parity protected storage, users can have the piece of mind they need to complete projects on time without the worry of performance or drive failure issues.”

About FastStream
FastStream appliances are scalable products that deliver high-performance access to data and data protection for applications in DVA and IT infrastructures including audio production, 4k and 2k digital film production, high-definition video post-production, digital prepress, disk-to-disk backup, email compliance, data warehousing, data mining and transaction based environments. Featuring a one-button setup wizard that dramatically simplifies installation and configuration for video, audio, database and IT environments, FastStream SC appliances are JBOD, DVRAID™ and RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, and 10 configurable and feature performance of up to 1200 MB/sec while utilizing RAID 5 parity protection.

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