ATTO Technology Continues its Leadership in Support of Apple Mac Platforms and Operating Systems

All ATTO products are tested compatible with the newly released macOS Catalina

Oct 08, 2019

Amherst, NY (October 8, 2019) ATTO Technology, Inc, a global leader of network and storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions, announced today tested compatibility and support of the newly released macOS® Catalina, and that they are ready with support for the impending Apple Mac Pro® 2019.

Apple Mac Pros have been the platform of choice for creative professionals since 2006 and ATTO was the first with network and storage connectivity upgrades and support to meet the robust requirements of digital production workflows.  Anticipating macOS Catalina, and the soon to be released Mac Pro 2019, ATTO is ready now to support high-performance storage connectivity for this next generation of professional-level Apple products.

“It makes the Mac feel more ‘pro’ again. Catalina is a big leap in making the Mac Pro a professional workstation geared toward high-end media and audio workflows,” says Tim Klein, CEO of ATTO Technology, Inc. “With the soon to be released Mac Pro, we expect to see a resurgence of Apple in all facets of creative environments. ATTO and Apple remain a perfect pair for creative professionals.”

ATTO products are the highest-performing storage connectivity solutions available for Mac® environments and provide future-proof compatibility with Catalina and Mac Pro 2019.  The broad portfolio of ATTO network and storage connectivity products tested for Macs include ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs, ATTO FastFrameEthernet adaptersATTO ExpressSAS®HBAs, and ATTO ThunderLink®Thunderbolt adapters.

ATTO has made new software tools available specifically for macOS Catalina that will enhance data-intensive and media production workflows.  ATTO Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator version 5.5 allows high availability with load balancing and failover for iSCSI storage on Macs over Ethernet.  ATTO Disk Benchmark for macOS is the same industry-leading benchmark tool for Windows® developed exclusively for Macs.

For a complete list of supported products for Macs, and to browse the entire ATTO Technology family of connectivity solutions, visit:

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