ATTO Technology Announces Support of PCIe 4 Across Product Lines

OEMs, IEMs and system builders encouraged to inquire now

Dec 09, 2020

ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of network, storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments for over 30 years, announces support of PCIe 4 across their product lines along with the availability of Generation 7 PCIe 4 Fibre Channel HBAs, 12Gb SAS HBAs and Smart NICs.

PCI Express 4 is the first major change to the standard since PCIe 3 was finalized in November 2010. PCIe 4 hardware like GPUs, NVMe storage, motherboards, servers and adapters are now taking advantage of the approximate double bandwidth available from PCIe 4.

ATTO Technology is committed to supporting PCIe 4 across its product lines. ATTO Celerity™ 32Gb Gen 7 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), ATTO ExpressSAS® SAS HBAs and ATTO FastFrame™ Smart Ethernet adapters are available for OEMs and others by contacting ATTO Sales.

In addition to adopting PCIe 4, ATTO Celerity 32Gb Gen 7 Fibre Channel HBAs are enhanced by supporting the FC-PI-7 standard. Compared to Gen 6 Fibre Channel products, ATTO Gen 7 Fibre Channel features improvements in latency and security, includes the second generation FC-NVMe standard, automatic buffer credit recovery, and virtual machine awareness.

“PCIe 4 is an important evolution from the prior standards, most notably because of the increase in speed,” said Timothy J. Klein, president and CEO, ATTO Technology. “ATTO latency management technology and the extra bandwidth of PCIe 4 means our customers can expect jaw-dropping storage connectivity performance.”

The increase in bandwidth brought by PCIe 4 facilitates improved data access capabilities and IOPs. Therefore, servers can analyze more data for real-time insights and access shared data quicker to fully utilize NVMe drives. Data-intensive applications like Cloud, AI development, Machine Learning, and 4K and 8K video will see noticeable improvements by upgrading to the new standards.

OEMs, IEMs, system builders and others interested in taking advantage of PCIe 4 and the evolution in computing should contact ATTO directly for details. ATTO offers proven performance based on over 30 years of experience developing and innovating connectivity solutions.

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