ATTO Technology and Nyriad Enables Real-time Video Scrubbing, In-line Editing on Raw Footage

Quadruples read/write performance, shaving days off projects - even with the most demanding bitrates and resolutions

Nov 09, 2022

ATTO Technology, Inc. and Nyriad, Inc., announce a new, joint solution that removes bottlenecks in data flow that previously hindered media editing processes. The solution, which features ATTO FastFrame™ 3 SmartNICs and ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters, and the all-new Nyriad UltraIO™ storage system, also increases fault tolerance for improved data protection.

The Nyriad UltraIO storage system’s combined processor architecture leverages the speed and power of both GPUs and CPUs in a block storage platform to deliver a unique combination of performance, resilience, and efficiency.

ATTO FastFrame 3 SmartNICs and ATTO ThunderLink Thunderbolt adapters are purpose-made to support high-performance media using exclusive technology that reduces latency to as low as 1μs while smoothing data streams for consistency and reliability.

The combination of Nyriad and ATTO products quadruple write throughput, enabling the scrubbing and editing of raw 8K and above video footage inline without the need to transcode, create proxies or copy files across the network to local editing stations. This can save from the setup of new projects.

“This is an amazing, cutting-edge storage and data delivery solution that everyone doing post-production work has been waiting for,” said Tim Klein, President/CEO, ATTO Technology. “Nyriad’s GPU-based platform definitely unleashes the true power of our Ethernet hardware.”

Added Derek Dicker, CEO of Nyriad, "We are thrilled to be working with ATTO on solutions that enable dramatically-improved production efficiency. ATTO’s SmartNiCs and adapters are tailor-made for media applications, providing the perfect complement to Nyriad’s UltraIO storage system, delivering our customers incredible performance with hard drive economics.”

The UltraIO storage system’s fault tolerance, coupled with ATTO’s dual port interfaces, enables your team to keep working even in less-than-optimal situations. Nyriad’s UltraIO system can withstand up to 20 drives failing simultaneously while maintaining 95% of its maximum throughput1. Dual-port ATTO interfaces can survive the loss of entire switch fabrics without any outages.

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1 Drive-pull IOR bandwidth on UltraIO v1.0 and BeeGFS 7.2.5, test performed by System Fabric Works.

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