ATTO Technology XstreamCORE Intelligent Bridges Certified by MagStor

MagStor adds XstreamCORE Fibre Channel and Ethernet models to its webstore

Dec 15, 2022

ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of network, storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments announced

ATTO XstreamCORE® FC 7600 and XstreamCORE ET 8200/8200T intelligent bridges have been certified by MagStor and are now available for purchase directly from

MagStor is a market leader in LTO tape drives that connect via Thunderbolt™ but also offers tape technologies for a wide variety of workflows including SAS and Fibre Channel (FC) desktop tape drives and tape libraries scaling up to 280 slots.

ATTO XstreamCORE accelerated protocol conversion devices add shared storage capabilities and management to SAS storage including SAS LTO tape drives. The performance of storage connected to XstreamCORE is enhanced thanks to technologies exclusive to ATTO like ATTO SpeedWrite™ which keeps paths between the host and XstreamCORE filled with data to significantly boost write performance to tape.


ATTO XstreamCORE FC 7600

· Supports up to 240 SAS/SATA HDD/SSD drives

· Two 32Gb SFP+ FC ports / four 12Gb mini SAS HD connectors

· Streaming performance of up to 1.1 million 4K IOPS while maintaining a consistent latency of less than 4μs

· Up to 10x performance improvement over standard SAN storage

· Supports Extended Copy L1D1 - offloads up to 5.2GB/s of data from server resources

· Supports SMR drives and RAID arrays

ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200/8200T

· Provides remote access to SAS storage

· Two QSFP+ 40Gb Ethernet ports / four 12Gb mini SAS HD connectors

· iSCSI Extensions for RDMA

· Hardware accelerated iSCSI with an added latency of less than 2μs

· Supports up to 16 SAS tape drives per bridge

· Up to 6GB/s sustained transfer rate

“You can’t overstate how important it is to have a solid tape backup system in place, which is what you get with any certified MagStor and ATTO solution,” said Tim Klein, President/CEO, ATTO Technology. “MagStor makes it convenient for their customers to buy everything they need from one location.”

The ATTO XstreamCORE joins ATTO ExpressSAS® HBAs and ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt to SAS adapters on the MagStor website.

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