ATTO Technology Unveils Next Generation SAS/SATA and Fibre Channel based FastStream™ Storage Controller Appliances

Performance Levels up to 250% Faster than the Previous Generation

Sep 07, 2007

IBC 2007, Amsterdam, NL (September 7, 2007) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, today announced the introduction of two new appliances in their FastStream™ product line. The FastStream SC 7500 and the FastStream SC 7700 are new entries to the company's line of innovative RAID storage controllers. FastStream appliances are scalable products that deliver high performance access to data and data protection for applications in DVA and IT infrastructures including 4k and 2k digital film production, high-definition video post-production, digital prepress, disk-to-disk backup, audio production, email compliance, data warehousing, data mining and transaction based environments.

The FastStream SC 7500 was designed as both a 1U external appliance which integrates with SAS or SATA storage, and as an embeddable microATX-based RAID controller that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can integrate into SAS/SATA array enclosures to provide RAID functionality and advanced intelligence features. For connectivity, the FastStream SC 7500 features eight (8) 3-Gigabit SAS/SATA device ports via two four (4) lane mini-SAS connectors and four (4) 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel host access ports. The new design of the FastStream SC 7500 has propelled throughput beyond previous generations by almost 250% and features sustained performance of almost 1200 MB/second with RAID 5.

The FastStream SC 7700 was designed as a 1U external appliance which provides high-speed access, data protection and increased performance for Fibre Channel RAID storage arrays in addition to adding data protection to JBOD storage. For connectivity, the FastStream SC 7700 features two (2) 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel device ports and two (2) 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel device host access ports. The latest generation of the FastStream SC 7700 has almost doubled the performance of its predecessor and features sustained performance of almost 750 MB/second with RAID 5.

 “The FastStream line of storage controllers deliver high performance access to storage with robust RAID protection for access to data in data-intensive storage environments,” said Tim Klein, president and CEO of ATTO Technology. “With the introduction of the 7000 series, we have dramatically increased performance over previous generations and have introduced an embeddable product for OEM customers who desire to expand their RAID product line.”

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