ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs Accelerate All-Flash Storage Array Performance Using FC-NVMe

Aug 08, 2023

ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader in network, storage connectivity, and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, proudly announces groundbreaking performance advancements incorporated into ATTO Celerity™ 64Gb Gen 7 PCIe 4.0 Host Bus Adapters (HBAs).

Native Fibre Channel and second-generation FC-NVMe standards allow ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs to offer unparalleled speed and efficiency, significantly accelerating all-flash storage array performance for data centers worldwide.

With the growing demand for high-speed data access and low-latency storage solutions, the latest ATTO Fibre Channel innovations present a game-changing breakthrough. Native Fibre Channel support ensures optimal performance for data-intensive shared workloads, while FC-NVMe unlocks the full potential of NVMe storage, delivering ultra-fast data transfer rates and reduced response times.

“We are thrilled to introduce the cutting-edge capabilities of ATTO Celerity 64Gb Gen 7 HBAs. Our commitment to empowering data centers with high-performance storage solutions has led to this significant advancement," remarked Timothy J. Klein, president and CEO, ATTO Technology. "With native Fibre Channel and FC-NVMe support, our HBAs excel in speeding up all-flash storage arrays, providing our customers with a competitive edge."

Industry veteran Tom Kolniak, Senior Consultant at TPK Associates, praised ATTO’s approach to Fibre Channel, stating, "Having witnessed the evolution of storage technologies, I am impressed by ATTO's dedication to pushing the boundaries of performance. The continued support of FC-NVMe in their latest version of Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs showcases their commitment to meeting the ever-growing demands of data centers. These advancements provide a crucial step forward for data centers and the storage industry as a whole."

ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs' ability to boost all-flash storage array performance offers businesses an unparalleled advantage in managing data-intensive workloads efficiently. The increase in bandwidth facilitates improved data access capabilities and IOPs, accelerating data analysis for faster real-time insights, allowing quicker access to shared data and the full utilization of NVMe drives. Data-intensive applications like Cloud, AI development, and Machine Learning see significant performance improvements.

Meet ATTO at Flash Memory Summit 2023: ATTO will be showcasing its 64Gb Fibre Channel HBAs as well as its full line of high-performance storage connectivity products at Flash Memory Summit in San Jose, CA, from August 8th through August 10th. Visit our booth to experience firsthand the future of high-performance storage solutions and learn how ATTO can help revolutionize your data center operations.

For more information about ATTO Fibre Channel HBAs and their native FC-NVMe support, please visit

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