ATTO Technology SCSI Host Adapters and iSCSI Bridge Products Certified Solaris™ Ready by Sun Microsystems

Sep 02, 2008

Amherst, NY (September 2, 2008) — ATTO Technology, Inc. announced today that the ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D Host Adapter, ExpressPCI UL5D Low-Profile SCSI Host Adapter, and iPBridge™ 2700 iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel Bridge have been certified Solaris™ Ready by Sun Microsystems, Inc. The Solaris Ready certification assures switch users and switch integrators that Sun's rigorous standards of interoperability and functionality have been met. Value Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators can purchase ATTO Solaris Ready branded products with the confidence of knowing that they can be smoothly deployed into a Solaris environment.

ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D and UL5D Low Profile SCSI Host Adapters combine x4 PCI Express technology and Ultra320 speeds for high-performance server environments and applications, such as high-definition video. ExpressPCI UL5D and UL5D LP incorporate ATTO's exclusive ADS™ Technology which moves large blocks of data faster and more efficiently on the PCI bus than any other host adapter on the market. Easy to deploy, manage and scale, UL5D and UL5D LP host adapters are ideal solutions for data-intensive environments such as 10-bit high-definition video, transactional database applications, email servers and large server farms.

The iPBridge 2700, the industry's first iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel bridge using 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel technology, lets users leverage their current Ethernet expertise by providing the ability to attach existing Fibre Channel storage to iSCSI networks, allowing enterprises to optimize the benefits of centralized, managed storage and improve storage utilization. Departmental data centers and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) can integrate Fibre Channel storage connectivity and consolidation at an affordable price while maximizing their return on investment by utilizing existing storage resources as shared storage.

“Sun customers have relied upon the Solaris™ Ready certified ATTO iPBridge 2700 iSCSI bridge and ExpressPCI UL5D SCSI host adapter for many years and we are delighted to add these to the lineup,“ said Cynthia Hardenbrook, Director of ISV Engineering and Solaris Ready at Sun Microsystems, Inc. “The iPBridge 2700 and UL5D are the ideal complements to Sun's high performance Solaris servers.“

“The Solaris Ready certification of ATTO SCSI and iSCSI storage connectivity products assures Sun customers that the benefits of ATTO host adapters and bridges can be added with confidence. ATTO's products will have the reliability, availability and serviceability that they expect from a Sun certified product,” states Timothy Klein, President of ATTO Technology.

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