Avid Approved ATTO FastStream™ RAID Storage Appliance successfully installed at Thirteen/WNET NY

WNET installs Avid® certified storage solution for use with Avid MediaDock Ultra320

May 29, 2007

Amherst, NY (May 29, 2007) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announced today that the Avid® approved ATTO FastStream™ SC 5300 RAID Storage Controller appliance has been installed at Thirteen/WNET NY for use in an existing Avid post-production environment. Unlike other RAID products on the market, the FastStream SC 5300 is a standalone external device which integrates into new or existing storage environments. The FastStream SC 5300 has been certified with Avid MediaDock™ Ultra320 storage systems.  Once installed existing unprotected video is protected from disk failure while maintaining performance of existing workflows.  FastStream SC 5300 was specifically designed to handle the demanding real-time needs for digital content creation.

Thirteen/WNET Success
The existing storage at Thirteen/WNET could only record approximately four hours of material.  In addition, the station keeps clients’ materials for almost two weeks, and they could only store two client's materials, at a time, on the existing disk system.  The company needed the ability to expand storage on-the-fly and to easily disconnect one client's storage and connect another's over a Fiber Channel connection.  The company also required fast performance for high-speed access to shows being edited, and it wanted to keep its existing storage environment.  The studio integrated the ATTO FastStream Storage Controller to its existing Avid storage environment and was able to add capacity as needed.

“High-definition uncompressed non-linear editing requires large amounts of storage,” says Jeff Dockendorff, Thirteen/WNET's associate director of engineering, “Each second takes about 160MB at 10-bit uncompressed.  That expands to about 10GB/min. and 600GB/hr.” 

Read the complete Thirteen/WNETSuccess Story at www.attotech.com.

About FastStream
The FastStream SC 5300 is a standalone appliance that addresses customer needs to add RAID protection to critical data without suffering the performance impact associated with more traditional solutions. Demanding applications such as high-definition video editing and 2K digital production can take advantage of the more than 480 MB/sec. performance provided by the FastStream SC 5300.

 “Our relationship with Thirteen/WNET is a shining example for the post-production world,” stated Tom Kolniak, Manager of Products at ATTO.  “If your storage workflow is lacking data protection, you run the risk of losing significant amounts of time and money in edited content should disk storage fail.  Adding the FastStream Storage Controller to your storage provides data protection, and allows you to expand storage as you need it, all while maintaining the same performance levels as when your data was unprotected.”

About Thirteen/WNET New York
Thirteen/WNET New York is one of the key program providers for public television, bringing such acclaimed series as Nature, Great Performances, American Masters, Charlie Rose, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, Wide Angle, Secrets of the Dead, NOW With David Brancaccio, and Cyberchase - as well as the work of Bill Moyers - to audiences nationwide. As the flagship public broadcaster in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro area, Thirteen reaches millions of viewers each week, airing the best of American public television along with its own local productions such as The Ethnic Heritage Specials, The Thirteen Walking Tours, New York Voices, and Reel New York. Thirteen extends the impact of its television productions through educational and community outreach projects - including the Celebration of Teaching and Learning - as well as Web sites and other digital media platforms. More information can be found at: www.thirteen.org.

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