ATTO Technology Releases 4th Generation 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel Host Adapters

ATTO offers additional Celerity Single- and Dual-Channel Low-Profile, PCI-Express Solutions based on PMC-Sierra's 4-Gb Fibre Channel Tachyon DE4

Apr 17, 2007

Storage Networking World, San Diego, CA (April 17, 2007) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announced today the release of two new models to its 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel Celerity Host Adapter product line, the Celerity FC-41EN and FC-42EN. The Celerity FC-41EN and FC-42EN represents the 4th generation of 4-Gigabit Celerity Host Adapters based on PMC-Sierra's Tachyon® DE4 Fibre Channel controllers, offering speeds of up to 800 MB/sec. per channel and high-performance x4 PCI-Express host connections.  ATTO was the first company to ship 4-Gb Fibre Channel host adapters in 2004 and with the introduction of 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel (4-Gb FC) products, ATTO adds the next generation in PCI-Express and Fibre Channel support. These products are on display during Storage Networking World (SNW) at ATTO Booth PP-19 as well as the PMC-Sierra Kiosk PG-18 in the Main Galleria through April 19.

With a high-performance architecture utilizing ATTO's three years of experience with 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel, the Celerity FC-41EN and FC-42EN provide support for today's performance-intensive application requirements such as high-definition video editing and 2K film production, along with other high-bandwidth environments, including rich content databases. In addition to utilizing PCI-Express and 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel, the Celerity FC-41EN and FC-42EN gain performance benefits by incorporating ATTO's exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Technology. ADS enables the FC-41EN and FC-42EN to move large blocks of data faster and more efficiently than other available host adapters and alleviates data transfer bottlenecks while minimizing latency.

ATTO Celerity products incorporate PMC-Sierra's industry-leading Tachyon family of controllers that feature a State-Machine design in which hardware acceleration is achieved throughout every phase of command processing.  Other Fibre Channel controllers utilize embedded processors and firmware to move data, adding inherent delays to processing commands and requiring extensive re-qualification to upgrade existing products.  Additionally, the Tachyon controllers scale to system CPU/Memory performance. The more horsepower a system has, the more performance you can achieve with Tachyon controllers.  When coupled with ATTO's performance-based host adapter designs and ADS Technology, customers with data-intensive applications realize a clear performance advantage.

"PMC-Sierra's Tachyon is the industry's leading 4 Gb/sec. Fibre Channel controller,” said Kevin Burbank, director of marketing for PMC-Sierra's Enterprise Storage Division. “We worked closely with ATTO Technology to enable the industry's highest-performing 4-Gb Fibre Channel HBA.  ATTO's Celerity FC-41EN and FC-42EN adapters utilize the Tachyon DE4 controller to deliver exceptional I/O and bandwidth performance.”

With the release of this 4th generation 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel Host Adapters, ATTO continues to provide its customers with the most fully-featured, high-performance Fibre Channel host adapters available on the market today. For customers working in environments where performance requirements are of the utmost importance, such as streaming IT applications or rich media production environments, the Celerity FC-41EN and FC-42EN offer an ideal combination of performance, features, and cost-effectiveness.

"With our comprehensive Celerity Fibre Channel host adapter product line, based on the PMC-Sierra family of Tachyon chips, we continue to provide best-of-breed 4-Gigabit host adapter solutions to data-intensive applications such as video streaming, image processing and backup," states Ed Tierney, director of marketing at ATTO Technology. “We continue to be positioned to be first-to-market with the next generation Fibre Channel performance technology using leading-edge controllers from PMC-Sierra”.

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