ATTO Technology Announces Immediate OEM
Availability of Industry's Highest Performing SAS Host Adapters

ExpressSAS® Host Adapters to Power Data-Intensive IT and Digital Media Applications

Dec 11, 2008

Amherst, NY (December 11, 2008) – ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announces the immediate availability of the ExpressSAS® H608 and ExpressSAS® H680, the industry’s only 6-Gb/s SAS host adapters. Leveraging PCI Express 2.0 and 6-Gb/s SAS performance, the H608 and H680 deliver the fastest available connection to SAS/SATA storage (up to 8-GB/sec. full-duplex), powering data-intensive IT and digital media applications such as email compliance, tape backup, data warehousing, high-definition video post-production and digital film production.

"ATTO has significant experience as a pioneer in the storage market and today's announcement of the next-generation ExpressSAS® family of 6-Gb/s SAS host adapters demonstrates our commitment as a trusted industry leader," said Tim Klein, President and CEO of ATTO Technology. “We have taken the lead in delivering multi-vendor operating system support and interoperability while being the first in the market to deliver blazing-fast 6-Gb/s SAS throughput -- the ideal solution for transactional database applications, email servers, large server farms and digital media production."

ATTO’s next-generation ExpressSAS® H608 and H680 offer native x8 PCIe 2.0 to 6-Gb/s SAS connectivity ensuring compatibility with the latest in SAS and SATA technology. The ExpressSAS® H608 offers 8 internal lanes of connectivity and the H680 offers 8 external lanes of connectivity, each providing up to 1200 MB/sec. maximum full-duplex throughput per lane. Available in a true low-profile form factor to fit all physical server environments, both the H608 and H680 support up to 256 end-point devices when used with SAS expanders.

Features of the ExpressSAS® 6-Gb/s SAS product line include:

  • 1200 MB/sec throughput per SAS port in full-duplex mode
  • Driver support for Windows®, Mac® OS X and Linux
  • Backward compatibility with 3-Gb SAS/SATA/SATA II devices
  • Support target and initiator modes

ExpressSAS® 6-Gb/s SAS host adapters feature ATTO’s exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS™) Technology, enabling users to achieve the ultimate in I/O performance by controlling the acceleration of large and small blocks of data. This distinctive intelligence helps ensure that SAS/SATA systems are faster, provide better bandwidth utilization, are easier to manage, and improve system robustness.

ATTO recently participated in the SCSI Trade Association 6-Gb/s SAS Plugfest to test the ExpressSAS® 6-Gb/s SAS host adapters in environments with many other SAS components and new test equipment to prepare for industry leadership. Qualification efforts with other industry partners and OEMs are currently underway and will continue as new 6-Gb/s SAS devices are introduced to the market. ATTO will expand upon the ExpressSAS® 6-Gb/s line of host adapters, by introducing a 16 port internal, a 16 port external and a 4 port internal/4 port external port host adapter that will ship to select OEMs and partners early in 2009.

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