ATTO's iSCSI Software Initiator for Mac® OS X provides
Added Security and Enterprise-Class Features for
Large-Install Environments

New Xtend SAN Software provides CLI and Digest Support for OS X iSCSI targets

Jan 05, 2009

Amherst, NY (January 5, 2009) — ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, announced today that its industry-leading iSCSI Software Initiator for Mac OS X, Xtend SAN has been updated with enterprise-class features to provide better security and automation for medium to large installations.  Xtend SAN now supports HeaderDigest and DataDigest with error level 1 processing; which is used to guarantee the integrity of iSCSI header data. The new Xtend SAN Command Line Interface (CLI) enables almost complete automation of iSCSI target management. This greatly benefits larger installs where the need to execute commands in script or batch modes from workstations with minimal to no user interaction is required.

This version of Xtend SAN provides transparency for OEM customers in environments where greater security and automation are required. Enterprise customers who require the security and data integrity provided with Header and Data Digests can now find this as part of the latest version of the Xtend SAN initiator.

“The traditional Xtend SAN Graphical User Interface is still available,” stated James U’Ren, Product Manager for Xtend SAN, “ATTO customers expect our products to be easy to use out of the box, so that functionality did not change. The option for CLI is presented upon installation of Xtend SAN; this will address customer requests to provide a more streamlined process to access multiple iSCSI targets.”

This release builds on the many great features supported by Xtend SAN which help users of every level access their iSCSI storage from a Mac workstation or laptop computer including: Challenge-Handshake Authentication (CHAP), Internet Storage Name Service (iSNS), Login Redirect and iSCSI error handling and recovery.  Xtend SAN is the first and most widely-distributed application that allows Mac users to attach existing storage to an IP-based network.  With Xtend SAN, users can take existing direct-attached storage devices and make them available to multiple servers, increasing accessibility and simplifying storage management, while leveraging existing IT expertise.

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