ATTO Technology Introduces Industry
First 6Gb SAS RAID Storage Controller

Embeddable and desktop versions provide low latency access to RAID-protected shared storage

Apr 06, 2009

Amherst, NY (April 6, 2009) – Building on the success of its Fibre Channel to SAS/SATA Storage Controller products, ATTO Technology, Inc., a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments today announced a new addition to their FastStream™ Storage Controller line. The FastStream SC 8200 is an easy-to-use storage controller that provides 6-Gigabit SAS host connectivity and 3-Gigabit SAS/SATA drive connectivity with high-performance RAID protection and advanced storage management features to address performance intensive, price sensitive environments. The FastStream SC 8200 is provided in two versions; an external rackmount/desktop appliance and an embeddable RAID controller targeted at OEMs and Systems Integrators.

"ATTO has provided channel and OEM solutions for the Digital Video and Audio markets for over 21 years. An important aspect to our success is latency management, by understanding the data flow path from the host to storage, ATTO is able to provide the highest-performing solutions for streaming applications", said Tom Kolniak, Director of Products for ATTO Technology. "The FastStream SC 8200 Storage Controller is a good example of ATTO's ability to address market needs providing solid, affordable solutions for customers looking to improve workflow performance and add RAID protection in a collaborative environment."

The FastStream product line is revolutionary on many fronts, providing a variety of advanced features, 4KB sector size support to address partitions larger than 2TB, Media Error Handling which minimizes workflow interruptions caused by imperfect media, SES Management and Monitoring and non-block device pass-through which allows users to connect devices such as tape and optical drives alongside their disk storage. One of the most beneficial aspects of the FastStream is that firmware updates are always free, protecting your investment through new technology innovations. A simple firmware upgrade will add new features without additional cost or licensing fees.

With the recent introduction of our 8-Gigabit Fibre Channel to SAS RAID Controller along with Multipathing support for Mac® OS X, Windows® and Linux, the 6-Gigabit FastStream SC 8200 joins a product line that is optimized for smooth data streaming with sustained performance so there are no dropped frames.

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