ThunderLink NQ 3xxx, NS 3xxx Driver macOS

macOS drivers for ThunderLink NQ3401, NQ3402, NS3102 and NS 3101 ThunderLink adapters.

Please refer to the Product Release Notes for more detailed information on operating system support as well as specific information about release contents.

Note: When installing an ATTO driver on macOS, you may get a pop-up message warning: "this is a system extension that will be incompatible with a future version of macOS.

There is no need to be concerned. ATTO currently uses high-performance Kernel Extension Drivers or kexts (also known as System Extensions). At some point Apple intends to deprecate support for kext and only support dext drivers. At that time ATTO will update all drivers to dext. All current ATTO host adapters and Thunderbolt devices will natively support the new dext drivers. In the meantime, we will continue to provide the highest-performing drivers possible.



Product Release Notes for ThunderLink NQ3xxx_NS3xxx Device Driver for macOS — 1.17.1 — Updated on 2022-10-17Download
Device Driver for ThunderLink NQ3xxx_NS3xxx for macOS — 1.17.1 — Updated on 2022-10-17Download
Last Updated: July 11, 2024