XstreamCORE FC 7500 Downloads

Rackmount 16Gb/s FC (2-Port) Storage Controller

QuickNAV for macOS   3.6
Released: 10/15/2015
File Size: 28.36MB

QuickNAV is a utility that can be used to identify your appliance on a network. In order to configure an ATTO appliance using the built-in XstreamVIEW configuration utility, you must first identify the IP address to be used for management of the appliance. QuickNAV can help. Download the QuickNAV utility to your computer. Double click to uncompress it. Then double click to launch the installer.
Any OS
XstreamCORE Firmware
Release Notes
Released: 08/05/2019
File Size: 13.59MB

Firmware for the XstreamCORE 7500. Download this file to your computer. Refer to the product manual for instructions on the various ways to flash the firmware to the controller.
Windows Null Driver
ATTO Generic Driver   2013_09_06
Released: 09/13/2013
File Size: 8.78kB

This driver can be loaded on any computer running any Windows Operating System that is connected to ATTO bridges. It is not required, but it will satisfy Window's need to have a driver for a detected device connected to the system. Instructions for installing the driver are included in the download.

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