ThunderLink® NS 3252 and N3 3102 Adapters Downloads

NS 3252, N3 3102

Driver Version Description Notes
macOS 10.12 and later 1.01 File Size: 1.81MB

macOS driver for ThunderLink adapters. Download this file to your Mac and double click it to launch the driver installation program.

macOS High Sierra has introduced User-Approved Kernel Extension Loading. For additional information on this update, please visit:

ConfigTool Version Description Notes
macOS ConfigTool 4.32 File Size: 112.44MB
The ATTO ConfigTool offers remote management features that allow you to set up, optimize and manage both locally and remotely connected ATTO products. Refer to the Utilities Manual for details. Download the tool to your PC and double click the file to launch the installer.

Archived ThunderLink® NS 3252 and N3 3102 Adapters Downloads

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