Drive Assesment and Latency Managementfor enhanced performance
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Drive Assesment and Latency Managementfor enhanced performance

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ATTO Exclusive Reliability Technology

Drive assessment and latency management technology is built into ATTO RAID adapters and storage controllers. DriveAssure™ provides bounded latency through proprietary algorithms and user controls to prevent premature drive failures and slow downs, ensuring uninterrupted access to data. Through periodic drive scans, DriveAssure searches for bad sectors or slow spots in your disk drives and repairs them without failing the drive, preventing the loss of critical assets.

Guaranteed Latency

A slow drive in a storage array can lead to delays which increase real or perceived response time beyond what is desired for users. These delays can lead to unwanted behavior such as dropped video frames. DriveAssure compensates for situations when a drive in a RAID Group does not respond within a specified period of time to keep data moving smoothly within a guaranteed latency response time.

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Data Recovery Mode

If all attempts at preventing a RAID Group from going offline have failed, Data Recovery Mode attempts to access data in an offline RAID Group. There are several methods available to access drives including forcing a rebuild to continue so data can be copied to a new RAID Group. Enlist a good data management plan which includes ATTO RAID products to ensure your data is safe.

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  • Enhanced Productivity – uninterrupted access to data allows systems and applications to run longer, faster and smoother
  • Increased Data Protection – with constant monitoring of drive health and prompt response to errors the potential for lost data is significantly reduced
  • Cost Savings – a reduction in the number of premature drive replacements will increase ROI and reduce administrative costs
  • Read/Write Performance – lower occurrences of drive failures with DriveAssure, increases the bandwidth available for application performance

Drive Failure Rate

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