Adaptive Path Optimization Technology

Maximize RAID Availability & Performance

ATTO's adaptive path optimization has built-in intelligence to sense when multiple paths to drives are available and direct I/O accordingly. For the cost of an additional cable, you can see up to a 70% performance improvement as well as eliminate single points of failure in your storage connections. With this technology, the ExpressSAS RAID adapter automatically configures and reconfigures for optimum I/O balance and redundancy.

Watch our informative Adaptive Path Optimization video.

ATTO Products with Adaptive Path Optimization Technology


  • Up to 2/3 of storage failures are caused by interconnect issues. For the cost of a cable, you get redundant paths to storage.
  • Up to 70% faster than non-adaptive path optimized solutions.
  • Fast, dynamic rebalancing minimizes disruptions and quickly restores a balanced configuration that delivers predictable performance.
  • Scalable to work with cascaded arrays and expanders.
Adaptive Path Optimization Performance Benchmark
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Benchmark comparison of single and dual path comparing read and write performance. Note 70% increase in read performance.

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