ATTO Exclusive Technologies

Specialized Technology that Provides the Storage System Performance Difference

The ATTO Difference includes proprietary features to help ensure your data is stored quickly, smoothly and securely by giving you control to fine tune and maximize your performance.

Adaptive Path Optimization

ATTO Adaptive Path Optimization™ is built-in intelligence that knows there are two paths to every SAS/SATA drive and directs I/O accordingly. This accelerates SAS/SATA storage performance up to 70% and eliminates failures due to lost paths.

If a path to a drive fails or is taken offline, Adaptive Path Optimization automatically routes I/O through the remaining paths.  It senses when the path is restored and reconfigures I/O to use both paths. Adaptive Path Optimization always assures data paths are balanced.
Advanced Data Streaming™

ADS™ is proprietary latency management technology built into all ATTO network and storage connectivity solutions. ADS works transparently, smoothing data transfers through controlled acceleration. ATTO users enjoy a distinct edge in performance because data moves faster and more efficiently with ADS.

From high I/O transactions to large bandwidth real-time streaming, ADS reduces interruptions and maximizes the amount of data processed per CPU cycle.

ADS is a collection of features working together to enhance the performance of transactional and bandwidth intensive applications. The features include optimized data transfer algorithms, dynamic PCI bus sharing, enhanced interrupt coalescing, and large data buffers and scatter/gather tables.


ATnetstat is a software tool that simplifies network trouble-shooting and performance tuning for macOS®. It combines data collected from various sources, and not normally available with standard utilities, to assist in quickly identifying and isolating network problems.

ATnetstat was created to monitor Layer 2 frame statistics and offer a view into Layer 1. Without this tool problems at Layer 4 cannot easily be confirmed, nor distinguished from problems originating in the Network Controller propagating up the stack to Layer 4.

ATTO ConfigTool™

This comprehensive utility streamlines the administration of all ATTO host-based products including HBAs and ThunderLink® adapters. ATTO ConfigTool™ displays detailed information about installed ATTO adapters, drivers and devices and centralizes management from a single pane of glass.

Information is available from host, device, or channel views, set up event notifications, configure SNMP, create and manage RAID groups, schedule tasks, update firmware, and see status information for SES devices. Get port statistics, analyze latency, troubleshoot issues, manage NVRAM and much more.

ATTO ConfigTool™ requires a supporting ATTO Product.

ATTO Embedded Operating System (AEOS)

ATTO Embedded Operating System (AEOS) is a self-optimizing, real-time operating system designed specifically for embedded hardware. AEOS overcomes the performance limitations of traditional operating systems and allows raw, accelerated access to storage while minimizing latency.

AEOS is a unique operating system that integrates advanced protocol and application requirements into existing infrastructures through object-oriented software modules.  AEOS acts as a translator of one protocol to another, it manages all acceleration and data protection capabilities and manages the host device’s interaction with the SAN.


ATTO XstreamVIEW™ is a remote management user interface for ATTO XstreamCORE™ storage controllers. It provides configuration, monitoring and management from a single pane of glass. XstreamVIEW uses standard browser technology to simplify management and enable near-plug and play configuration.

Advanced tuning features include performance monitoring and analytics; real-time access to diagnostic and data transfer analytics; troubleshooting tools; and automated email notifications.  Several management interfaces are available, including command line interface (CLI), file transfer protocol (FTP), graphical user interface (GUI), simple network management protocol (SNMP) and Telnet.


CacheAssure™ is a maintenance-free flash-based data protection module that safeguards against the loss of cached data during catastrophic failures. It is designed exclusively for ATTO RAID adapters used in high availability applications that also require zero maintenance over the useful life of the product.

CacheAssure accounts for the sudden loss of power and maintains the critical data in a non-volatile cache until power is restored. Data is protected for up to ten years and provides immediate protection.
Data Mover

Virtual machine migration is known to eat up host resources. ATTO Data Mover gives those resources back. It’s a unique data streaming technology that accelerates virtual machine migration and automates data movement between storage. Server CPU consumption is reduced and data center efficiency is improved.

With Data Mover, copy or move data within or between storage arrays without going through the host, offloading server resources and fabric bandwidth so that they can be assigned to application usage.


Maximize the performance of GPU-accelerated applications by taking advantage of Direct2GPU™. By re-thinking and optimizing the path data takes, Direct2GPU accelerates data transfers between NVIDIA GPUs and storage. Bottlenecks caused by unnecessary system memory copies are eliminated, guaranteeing peak system performance.

Direct2GPU technology reduces PCIe bus traffic, moving data directly from storage into GPU memory via direct memory access (DMA) with minimal CPU and system memory utilization.

Disk Benchmark

With over one-million downloads, ATTO Disk Benchmark is the industry’s first-choice software utility for measuring storage system performance. Disk Benchmark identifies performance in HDDs, SSDs, RAID arrays as well as the host connection to attached storage. Top drive manufacturers like Hitachi build and test every drive using ATTO Disk Benchmark.

Features a comprehensive set of tools including transfer sizes from 512B to 64MB, transfer lengths from 64KB to 32GB, support for overlapped I/O and a variety of queue depths, I/O comparisons with various test patterns, and a timed mode for continuous testing.

Drive Map Director™

Drive Map Director™ discovers the physical layout of storage devices, creates a virtual topology, and then maps target devices corresponding to the physical layout. This happens automatically, reducing the time and complexity associated with adding or removing storage.

Drive Map Director device maps are created with LUNs assigned for each slot in the enclosure. The numbering scheme is static and remains with the shelf and slot location any time a drive or shelf is added or removed. It replaces manual mapping of Fibre Channel LUNs, provides consistent drive and shelf LUN mapping, and eliminates the need to remap Fibre Channel storage when a drive shelf is removed.


Through periodic drive scans, ATTO DriveAssure™ searches for bad sectors or slow spots in disk drives and repairs them without failing the drive, preventing the loss of critical assets.
DriveAssure overcomes hard disk drive operational failures and peculiarities when part of a RAID group. It provides bounded latency through proprietary algorithms and user controls to prevent premature drive failures and slow downs, ensuring uninterrupted access to data.

Host Group Mapping

Target mode security feature developed by ATTO that allows admins to assign drives connected to XstreamCORE® Storage Controllers to individual host servers. Share or assign drives to a single host or multiple hosts via Host Group Mapping.

intelligent Bridging Architecture™

Powerful hardware ASICs and advanced acceleration algorithms combine to enable efficient “anything to anything” connectivity with extremely low latency. Connect FC to SAS/SATA, Ethernet to SAS/SATA, or Ethernet to NVME for complete and total flexibility in system architectures. intelligent Bridging Architecture™ is a feature of the ATTO XstreamCORE intelligent bridge.

Latency Scout™

ATTO Latency Scout™ is an indispensable storage diagnostic utility for VMware vCenter™ environments. With it, administrators can quickly trouble-shoot bottlenecks and identify latency outliers, both of which affect overall performance. Latency Scout is the key to meeting corporate service level agreements.

Latency Scout is a key feature of ATTO vConfigTool™, a software plug-in for vCenter. It measures three levels of latency: device average latency, which is an indication of back-end storage performance; kernel average latency, a measure of ESX kernel performance; and guest average latency, the guest OS performance for all I/O requests sent to the virtual storage device.

Data gathered by Latency Scout is displayed as real-time latency histograms, providing a comprehensive visual representation that helps to isolate latency outliers.

MultiPath Director™

If there are multiple paths available for storage, why not take advantage of them all? ATTO MultiPath Director™ is a proprietary driver for ATTO HBAs and ThunderLink® adapters that goes well beyond the functionality and performance of native drivers.

MultiPath Director enables failover and load balancing capabilities for Windows®, Mac® and Linux® hosts. It automatically discovers, configures and manages connectivity to storage for optimal performance.

MultiPath Director features enterprise-class, ALUA-based multipathing and several load balancing algorithms; LUN-based failover; ability to steer reads and writes; tunable I/O sizes; statistics and performance monitoring, advanced error handling, and full GUI support.

NUMA Aware Drivers

Every part of every system can be optimized to increase performance. That is why we made our HBA drivers NUMA aware. ATTO NUMA aware drivers were made to consider I/O patterns in multi-CPU platforms and ensure driver resources are located close to system I/O. Working with NUMA-supported hardware, operating systems and applications, the result is reduced latency for data streaming and high IOPS workflows.

PowerCenter Pro

RAID functionality, protection and performance without the need or cost of additional hardware RAID components. That’s PowerCenter Pro, a software interface built into ATTO SAS/SATA HBAs and Thunderbolt™ adapters.

PowerCenter Pro is integrated software that supports RAID 0, 1, 1e or 10 and features a simple, fully scriptable CLI and EFI interface for RAID group creation, monitoring and management. It provides full boot support as well as support for hot spares.

Easy-to-use, powerful, yet lightweight, ATTO PowerCenter Pro software provides the protection, capacity expansion and performance improvements needed for today’s SSD storage platforms.

PowerCenter Pro

ATTO PowerCenter Pro integrated RAID software package for 12Gb/s SAS/SATA ExpressSAS® HBAs and ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters provides reliable data protection, increased performance, capacity expansion, as well as enhanced management capabilities.

PowerCenter Pro is included with ATTO adapters and HBAs at no additional cost.


ATTO SpeedWrite™ manages read and write commands keeping paths between hosts and tape drives filled with data. This significantly boosts tape write performance, with efficient continuous operation, shorter back-up times and higher overall throughput.

Tape drives are normally limited to a queue depth of 1 per device. SpeedWrite gives a successful response to the host in parallel with sending commands to the drive.  Hosts can send the next command, making the system look like tape devices can handle a queue depth of 2.
Target Mode Driver

ATTO Target Mode Driver is a specialized driver that makes any storage device appear as native Fibre Channel and SAS. This driver provides OEMs with the opportunity to build quick-to-market, differentiated high-performance storage solutions.


ATTO vConfigTool™ for VMware® vCenter Server™ is a software plug-in that integrates simplified, centralized management and monitoring of ATTO Celerity™ and ATTO ExpressSAS® HBAs into VMware virtual environments. Using vConfigTool, administrators can accelerate adapter deployments, optimize configurations, improve system availability, and reduce VMware host infrastructure costs.

vConfigTool fully integrates with vCenter, providing centralized, cross-platform management with online updates and diagnostic tools that help to increase system


WriteStop™ is a comprehensive digital forensic storage connectivity solution built into ATTO ExpressSAS® HBAs. WriteStop ensures data integrity and security by blocking writes to hard drives, preserving the integrity of the original data during a forensic investigation. With WriteStop and ATTO HBAs, field agents have a powerful tool to capture, duplicate and distribute digital evidence.

WriteStop provides read-only protection at the system level, so when a hard disk is attached to the HBA’s read-only port, data is fully secured and no software or extra hardware is required for read-only functionality. This solution is more secure and reliable than read-only software, and works seamlessly with all major forensics packages.

xCORE™ Data Acceleration

ATTO xCORE™ is a hardware-accelerated pipeline for the data transferred between a host and storage. xCORE features multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines with end-to-end I/O processing that assures all reads and writes are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Latency is limited to a consistent two to four microseconds with xCORE.

 xCORE manages all I/O command routing and decoding, buffer allocation, reservations, access controls and provides real-time data analytics.  Exceptions are offloaded to the eCORE control engine which manages commands that do not require acceleration. xCORE enables ATTO XstreamCORE® to achieve up to 1.1M 4K IOPS or 6GB/s throughput with iSER.

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