Move Data up to 70% Faster

With ATTO Fibre Channel

ATTO Technology’s Fibre Channel is the clear choice for 4K editing, transaction processing and high-performance computing, with a 70% improvement in time-to-data over 10Gb Ethernet.

Fibre Channel provides a dedicated, obstruction-free highway exclusively for your customers’ data storage. Storage Area Networks built with Fibre Channel offer the best performance, reliability and scalability to support mission-critical enterprise applications.

Benefits of ATTO’s Fibre Channel components:

  • Features proprietary Advanced Data Streaming™ Technology and MultiPath Director™ to maximize the performance of a SAN with up to 70% greater throughput
  • Includes a complete portfolio of HBAs, switches, storage controllers and ThunderboltTM devices, providing out-of-the-box compatibility
  • Fully tested and interoperable across all leading operating systems

Learn more about the benefits of Fibre Channel today. Contact your ATTO representative at +1.716.691.1999

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