Success in the Marketplace Means Choosing the Right Partners

Developing a product that depends on network and/or storage connectivity presents many challenges regardless of whether the product is new or an upgrade. This is especially true when being competitive means incorporating tech that is outside of your core expertise.

Partnering with a company to co-develop and provide engineering support can help alleviate the demands placed on resources and R&D. With the right partner, development time, product quality and costs contribute to the product’s success, not get in the way.

At ATTO, we know how successful partnerships can be – we’ve been doing it for 30 years. Apple, EMC, NetApp, Hewlett-Packard, Harris Corp., Grass Valley, Quantum, Avid Technology, Overland Storage, NEC, Unisys, and many more have relied on ATTO for storage and network connectivity solutions.

We are experts in network and storage connectivity. Our partners might create enterprise servers or they might make data storage systems. Whatever they're making, they want their product to be the best, and that’s why they turn to a supplier like us.

On the software side, ATTO driver developers are adept in a wide range of operating systems including Linux, Windows®, macOS®, FreeBSD®, illumos™ and more. We have our own, customizable RAID software stack and storage controller software.

With hardware, our expertise in Fibre Channel SANs, Ethernet networks, direct-attached SAS/SATA and new, emerging FC-NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics is unrivaled. Our storage controllers and Fibre Channel bridges are the quickest and most robust available.

We design and manufacture HBAs, network adapters, and RAID adapters in house and can extend that capability to our partners. Our manufacturing capabilities range from small, semi-custom to large scale programs.

Our engineers become an extension of our partner's design team. We work together to maximize the performance of the product, while saving them money in development and manufacturing. ATTO exclusive features enhance the product, helping it to stand out against the competition, and an accelerated development cycle puts the product on the market faster.

When a project requires storage or network connectivity, architects can get ahead of the process by involving ATTO right away. With ATTO as a partner every goal on the checklist will be met.

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