ATTO and NetApp Tackle IT's Most Demanding Applications

ATTO is proud to be working in partnership with NetApp to develop unique storage solutions. Whether it be with MetroCluster™ or in a high-performance virtualized server environment, our customers know they have invested in the best storage solution available that is supported by the industry’s leading companies. ATTO and NetApp technologies resolve the most demanding IT applications synergistically, making them easy to deploy with confidence.

NetApp is the industry leader for hybrid cloud. They provide a full range of hybrid cloud data services that simplify management of applications and data across cloud and on-premises environments to accelerate digital transformation. With their partners, such as ATTO, they empower global organizations to unleash the full potential of their data to expand customer touchpoints, foster greater innovation and optimize their operations.

ATTO has been a global leader of storage network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments for nearly 30 years. We’re known for Fibre Channel HBAs, bridging products and network interface products. With our expertise in latency management and our focus on high-performance technology, ATTO is an ideal complement to NetApp’s solutions for demanding storage applications.

As an example, the ATTO FibreBridge® controllers are a critical component in the NetApp® MetroCluster, enabling site-to-site connectivity up to 300 kilometers apart with redundant low-latency links. The MetroCluster is used in a variety of markets including the financial, manufacturing and educational sectors to provide customers with continuous data availability for mission-critical applications.

Enterprises and users in high performance markets - such as financial services, the public sector, media & entertainment, healthcare, energy and scientific research - are challenged by the explosive growth in data volume, virtualization, and disaster avoidance requirements for a modern data center. The combination of ATTO's high-performance connectivity, coupled with NetApp E-Series and FAS storage systems provides the solutions needed to quickly retrieve, analyze and process data now and into the future.

ATTO Technology has been a member of the NetApp Alliance Partner Program since 2010. By working with NetApp, ATTO enables customers to optimize their IT infrastructure, investments, deploy new capabilities, and accelerate time to market.

We have several products certified for compatibility with NetApp solutions. ATTO 10Gb FastFrame™ Ethernet NICs and ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters are certified compatible with NetApp FAS8000 series storage solutions. ATTO 32Gb, 16Gb and 8Gb Celerity™ host bust adapters (HBAs) and FastFrame NICs enable NetApp's E-Series storage systems to directly connect to Linux®, Mac® and Windows® workstations and servers.

Our engineering teams worked together on the design and development of multiple product solutions over the years. We're proud that ATTO was selected by NetApp to be a part of very important, trusted solutions by NetApp and are excited by the opportunity to take our business partnership to the next level.

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