ATTO will be highlighting the ATTO FibreBridge® and XstreamCORE™ family of Fibre Channel storage controllers at NetApp Insight Americas October 22-24, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. As a key part of the NetApp® MetroCluster™ solution, ATTO storage controllers provide disaster recovery and downtime avoidance. In addition, ATTO will also be showcasing its portfolio of certified connectivity solutions.

ATTO, a member of the NetApp Alliance Partner Program, will highlight its certified connectivity options for NetApp storage and data management solutions, including ATTO Celerity™ Gen 6 32Gb and 16Gb host bus adapters (HBAs) and XstreamCORE Fibre Channel-to-SAS/SATA storage controllers. Also displayed will be a number of next-generation solutions, including ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters for Fibre Channel and Ethernet and XstreamCORE FC 7600 Dual port 32Gb Fibre Channel-to-12Gb SAS/SATA storage controller. ATTO’s Xtend SAN iSCSI Initiator for Mac systems enables macOS users to have a reliable, secure, highly interoperable connection to any iSCSI storage.

The MetroCluster is the foundation upon which the ATTO and NetApp relationship is built. NetApp MetroCluster configurations allow site-to-site connectivity up to 300 kilometers apart with redundant low-latency links, commonly used for providing on-site uptime allowing production sites to maintain schedules. ATTO storage controllers provide the ability to load balance between data centers in addition to failover and failback functionality. The performance capabilities of ATTO storage controllers enable the integration of multiple shelves of flash storage for MetroCluster installations with a resilient back-end storage architecture.

The FibreBridge 7500N storage controller, which ships with every NetApp MetroCluster configuration, integrates SAS/SATA disk storage into a Fibre Channel SAN, increasing availability and scalability while allowing the use of NetApp FAS series storage on a shared Fibre Channel network. In the FibreBridge 7500N storage controller, a high-performance platform accelerates all reads and writes in hardware and will add Enterprise-level 16Gb Fibre Channel SAN connectivity along with diagnostic, management and monitoring integration with NetApp Data ONTAP® to future MetroCluster deployments. By delivering 1.47M 4K IOPS in dual-controller configurations with less than four microseconds of latency, the 7500N provides unmatched $/IOPS value and the lowest access latency in the industry.

ATTO enhances NetApp ecosystems beyond MetroCluster with a full range of storage and network connectivity products. These are rigorously tested by ATTO for interoperability with NetApp solutions and most are certified compatible directly by NetApp. These include ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel HBAs, ATTO FastFrame NICs, and ATTO ExpressSAS RAID HBAs.

Being data-driven means giving yourself an edge in your market space. Sharpen that edge by using ATTO connectivity solutions to ensure zero downtime and zero data losses in your NetApp environment. If you’re at NetApp Insight, be sure to meet with us at Insight Central during breakout sessions.

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