Partner Spotlight: DataCore

Partner Spotlight: DataCore

Jan 07, 2019

Early last year, software-defined storage (SDS) pioneers DataCore was named one of the top SDS vendors in a report by Enterprise Storage Forum. It is an acknowledgement of leadership in a field that has become congested with solutions from a long list of vendors.

DataCore was founded in 1998 as one of the first companies working to release an enterprise SDS solution. Their flagship product, SANSymphony™, was launched in 2011 putting DataCore at the forefront of the SDS market. SANSymphony set a world record for performance in 2016 and in doing so heralded a change in the way system architects approach their designs.

According to DataCore, SANsymphony provides an immediate 5x boost in performance, reduces storage-related downtime by 100% and lowers storage costs 50%. All of this comes for a modest price, which, when matched to the performance, has turned the SDS market upside down.

ATTO Technology is proud to be certified DataCore Ready™ and will be at the DataCore Partner Conference January 22-23 in Frankfurt, Germany ready to talk about our combined solutions.

For integrators and architects looking for the absolute best performance, a combined ATTO and DataCore solution makes the most sense. ATTO Gen 6 ATTO Celerity™ 32Gb and 16Gb HBAs are certified DataCore Ready, meaning they meet the performance envelops set by DataCore. ATTO low latency technology and performance tuning works with SANSymphony’s capabilities to provide the highest performance while keeping budgets under control.

You can read more about the DataCore Ready program on DataCore’s website, and if you’re at the Partner Conference January 22-23 in Germany you can talk to us about the benefits of using ATTO with SANSymphony. Contact us ahead of time to make an appointment.

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