ATTO PowerCenter Pro: Integrated RAID Solution for ATTO 12Gb SAS HBAs

ATTO PowerCenter Pro: Integrated RAID Solution for ATTO 12Gb SAS HBAs

Jan 07, 2019

The value of data can never be understated: it is the life-blood of most businesses. While the amount of storage we need today and the speed at which data needs to be accessed are significant factors in this modern reality, protecting data is the most critical.

In today’s IT climate, that protection needs to be flexible, yet easy to manage and economical. Enter ATTO PowerCenter Pro.

ATTO PowerCenter Pro is a software interface built into ATTO 12 Gb/s ExpressSAS® SAS/SATA HBAs and ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ adapters. It adds RAID functionality, protection and performance without the need or cost of additional hardware RAID components.

Software RAID has matured. Thanks to modern processors, RAM and bus speeds, software RAID is now on par with hardware RAID. In fact, software RAID has become so efficient the performance hit is invisible to the user.

Compared to hardware RAID, software RAID is far more flexible. Instead of storage being locked-in to a hardware RAID adapter in an enclosure, a software-based RAID array can be moved to other workstations or servers so long as they’re using the same file system.

Software RAID is also ideal for Flash or SSD-based storage platforms. Certain, older hardware RAID controllers might disable the fast caching functionality of SSDs which compromises the performance of those drives. This and other issues between hardware RAID and SSDs (like the omission of commands) result in performance that can be inconsistent.

Finally, hardware RAID is costly. It involves dedicated hardware that requires locking-in to a specific vendor (and their prices) and multiple licenses that often need annual renewal. The overhead cost for a hardware RAID system runs against the lean business models most enterprises are operating under today. Software RAID gives you the RAID solution you need without the prohibitive expense.

ATTO PowerCenter Pro addresses all of these issues, giving you modern RAID protection and performance with no additional cost when used with an ATTO 12 Gb/s ExpressSAS® SAS/SATA HBAs or ATTO ThunderLink® adapter.

With ATTO PowerCenter Pro you can protect a boot group against drive failure or you can bundle several drives together to improve overall performance and achieve faster boot times. It can be used to set up a storage server on whatever hardware you choose using software RAID 0, 1, 1e or 10. All of this is accomplished with simple “set it and forget it” commands in a single, simple interface.

There is no additional software or operating system configuration as everything is self-contained on the ATTO ExpressSAS HBA or ATTO ThunderLink, and the RAID group information is portable to other supported ATTO 12Gb HBAs. ATTO PowerCenter Pro achieves additional performance gains by working in conjunction with ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADS)™, a technology built into all ATTO HBAs. ADS manages latency by providing controlled acceleration for smooth data streaming. This ensures ATTO products maintain the most consistent performance, and delivers best-in-industry data transfers for high bandwidth applications.

If you need RAID functionality, performance and protection but have hesitated due to costs and concerns over flexibility, then ATTO PowerCenter Pro is the solution you have been looking for.

Read our PowerCenter Pro technology brief for more information.

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