Partner Spotlight: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Partner Spotlight: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Apr 04, 2019

Modern computer networks can have seemingly countless nodes, not only because an enterprise might have a large number of hosts and clients, but there are also peripherals and storage devices, and many (or most) of these connections need to be redundant.

 Without network switches, a modern enterprise network is fundamentally impossible to implement.  Fortunately, there are companies like our partner Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise who make cutting edge, high-end switches that perfectly complement the ATTO family of Ethernet connectivity products.

 Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, which they shorten to ALE, is headquartered in Colombes, France with a North American headquarters located in the Greater Los Angeles Area of California. Their product portfolio covers a range of communications and enterprise network solutions.

 ALE formed as a division after the 2006 merger of the French Alcatel and Lucent from the USA. Spun off as an already successful independent enterprise vendor in 2014, ALE’s innovation goes back 100 years to the beginning of Alcatel as a telecommunications manufacturer in 1919.

 ATTO and ALE have established a partnership that makes everything connect for businesses via an easy to configure high-speed Ethernet networks. Cloud, Enterprise IT and the Media and Entertainment markets will all benefit from the advanced technologies provided by the partnership between ATTO and ALE.

ATTO FastFrame™ NICs, ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ to Ethernet adapters, and ATTO XstreamCORE™ ET 8200 SAS to Ethernet accelerated protocol converters are all certified interoperable with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch® 6900 product line. OmniSwitch 6900 is a top-of-rack LAN and data center switch that is compact and high-density with 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE options.

 If you’re at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas April 8-11, find us at booth SL7624 to see ATTO FastFrame NICs, ATTO ThunderLinks and an ALE OmniSwitch 6900 connected together for a fantastic demonstration of storage connectivity speed and stability. 

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