ATTO Celebrates 30 Years

ATTO Technology, Inc. is celebrating 30 years as the recognized leader in the IT and Media & Entertainment markets, while specializing in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing environments.

In 1988, we began as a small company with a big vision: become the power behind storage. In these 30 years, ATTO has grown, expanded and developed an award winning product line second to none.

ATTO provides solutions, support, unparalleled differentiators in the products, and customer care and appreciation that no other company on the market can match. Celebrating 30 years of success would not be possible without the recognition of all past, present, and future employees who’ve contributed to our success as an industry leader.

Also, we want to thank each and every client of ATTO, one time buyers or returning customers, who helped us to arrive at where we are today. However, as grateful as we are for the last 30 years, you should know that we are even more excited for the coming years. We look forward to the challenge of upholding our reputation as an industry leader throughout the M&E and IT spheres.

Stay with us and watch ATTO continue to lead the way!

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