ATTO ThunderLink Featured in 45 Drives Storinator™ Video

ATTO ThunderLinks are quite popular with our friends in the Media and Entertainment industry because ThunderLinks enable 4K, collaborative video editing for any Thunderbolt enabled system.

The 45 Drives Storinator™ is a high-performance storage server that is also popular with people doing video production work. They’re fast, affordable, and can host amazing amounts of storage.

There are many Mac users who need a product like the Storinator, but their Macs don’t connect natively at the speeds they need. They need a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter like an ATTO ThunderLink.

Mac users with Thunderbolt 2 or 3 ports can connect an ATTO ThunderLink TLNT 2102 10GBASE-T adapter to a Storinator via a switch. 45 Drives calls it a "pretty painless plug and play process" in a video they recently published to YouTube.

"Utilizing this ATTO device in your setup, video editors will notice speeds noticeably faster and with the combination of adding in the Storinator, editors will have massive storage space to centralize all their media files" 45 Drives remarks on the YouTube page.

It's a valuable video worth watching by anyone interested in setting up shared storage for their Mac environment. You can see it here.

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