A closer look at ATTO 360 Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software

A closer look at ATTO 360 Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software

Oct 07, 2019

A closer look at ATTO 360 Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software

We previewed ATTO 360™ Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software at IBC 2019 and the response was very positive.  Everyone who saw it at IBC wanted a copy right then, however, ATTO 360 will not be available until December of this year. 

What is it about ATTO 360 that has everyone excited?  Let’s take a closer look and find out.

ATTO 360 Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software is an all-purpose tool for Ethernet network optimization designed to unlock the true potential of ATTO FastFrame and Thunderlink® adapters.  We applied our 30-plus years of expertise in storage networking and consolidated all of the tools and techniques our engineering team uses everyday into a simple, easy-to-use management interface.

As the title implies, ATTO 360 gives users access to features and settings that allow network  optimization from every angle.  Optimization doesn’t end with setting adjustments; you have to know what needs adjustment and what changes those adjustments make.  That’s why ATTO 360 not only includes tuning, it includes monitoring to capture data from the network and analytics that makes full use of that data for evaluation and recommendations.

For performance tuning, 360 includes a one-click setup function with pre-configured performance tuning profiles for macOS®, Windows®, and Linux®.  The profiles cover select performance goals, like media and entertainment workflows, high throughput, low latency, and more. You can tune for both file-level (NAS) and block-level (Fabrics) storage.  In all, over 25 individual tuning settings can be adjusted, including buffer settings, MTU sizes, IRQ, and NUMA, to name just a few.

For monitoring, ATTO 360 incorporates several networking utilities in one central location.  It will display OS name and version number, CPU chip brand, processor type, model, CPU speed, number of cores, NUMA mode configurations and monitor several other system settings.

The analytics functionality is effectively a triage center for connectivity issues with intuitive features that help to keep the network running efficiently and will pro-actively fix problems before they occur.  ATTO 360 will analyze the network, make suggestions to increase efficiency and identify hardware problems.  360 scans for frequently recorded and troublesome errors that are not always obvious, like resource-robbing memory buffer issues. 

As you can see, ATTO 360 is poised to become an indispensable tool for not only system architects, but also anyone who needs a thoroughly optimized Ethernet network.  Follow ATTO on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to keep up to date with latest on ATTO 360.

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