ATTO 360 - a Whole New World of Control Now Available for Macs

ATTO 360 - a Whole New World of Control Now Available for Macs

Jan 03, 2020

ATTO 360 - a Whole New World of Control Now Available for Macs

Just in time for those who have ordered their new Mac Pro®, ATTO 360™ Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software is now available for macOS®. Now, after installing an ATTO FastFrame™Ethernet adapter, or connecting to an ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ to Ethernet adapter, Mac® users can optimize their network connections for unrivaled performance.

ATTO 360 Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software is one of the several utilities we make available to support our Ethernet products. An all-purpose tool for Ethernet network optimization, ATTO 360 is designed to unlock the true potential of ATTO FastFrame and ThunderLink adapters.

All of the tools and techniques our engineering team uses every day have been consolidated into a simple, easy-to-use management interface in ATTO 360, giving users access to features and settings that allow network optimization from every angle. A one-click setup provides pre-configured performance tuning profiles for media and entertainment workflows, with more profiles to come.

ATTO 360 is another example of how ATTO supports our products and customers and of our expertise in the critical task of moving data between storage and processors. We understand the workflows that rely on high-performance network and storage connectivity and design our products to be optimized for the absolute best experience possible.

For FastFrame Ethernet adapters and ThunderLink Thunderbolt adapters, ATTO 360 will become an indispensable tool for not only system architects, but also anyone who needs a thoroughly optimized Ethernet network. 

Download the macOSversion ATTO 360 today. Our Linux® and Windows® versions will be available for download soon.

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