ATTO 360 Ethernet Tuning Software Now Available for Windows and Linux

ATTO 360 Ethernet Tuning Software Now Available for Windows and Linux

Apr 06, 2020

ATTO 360 Ethernet Tuning Software Now Available for Windows and Linux

First released for macOS®, ATTO 360™ Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software is now available for Windows® and Linux®. It’s free and can be downloaded directly from our website.

ATTO 360 Tuning, Monitoring and Analytics Software is a tool for optimizing and maintaining Ethernet networks, perfect for users of all levels, at home, the office or in the server room. It supports ATTO Ethernet products such as ATTO FastFrame™ NICs and ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ to Ethernet adapters, giving every user the ability to easily tune a network for the best performance.

The tools and techniques our engineering team developed over the past 30 years have been consolidated into this easy-to-use software tool. The features and settings normally utilized by specialists are available to anyone through a simple, intuitive interface.

With just a few clicks users can optimize a network based on performance profiles. These preconfigured profiles make it easy to tune performance for demanding workflows like film editing, media post-production, and others with more to come. Or, create custom profiles for a particular workflow with over 25 unique tuning settings including buffer settings, MTU sizes, IRQ, NUMA and much more.

Several networking utilities are integrated into ATTO 360, giving users access to detailed component, system and network information when they need it. What’s more, ATTO 360 scans for frequently recorded and troublesome errors that are not always obvious and the software will make suggestions to increase efficiency.

ATTO 360 saves time by making adjustments it could otherwise take hours to accomplish if they’re made at all, and with its diagnostic and reporting features can help reduce tech support call frequency and duration.

Download and try out ATTO 360 today!

ATTO Product Manager Tom Johnson talks about ATTO 360.

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