ATTO 360 Tuning Software to support first generation 10GbE ATTO FastFrame NICs and ThunderLink Devices

ATTO 360 Tuning Software to support first generation 10GbE ATTO FastFrame NICs and ThunderLink Devices

Apr 12, 2022

While network-attached storage has many benefits, adopting Ethernet storage for media and entertainment workflows is not an easy process. There are a great many barriers, incidents and accidents that can happen along the way which can delay projects and prevent content creators from doing the work they love.

The creation of ATTO 360™ Tuning, Analytics, and Monitoring Software was inspired by listening to our customers’ pain points and developing a tool to eliminate them. Our mantra is “simplify, optimize, analyze”. It guides every move we make as we develop this software toward the goal of removing as many of those barriers, incidents and accidents as we can.

ATTO 360 lets users instantly tune performance to their desired workflow using specially developed profiles which include custom profiles for certain storage vendors and products like Dell OneFS™. 360 gives users easy-to-use yet powerful tools to monitor and diagnose problems that would impact performance while offering suggestions on how to correct them.

Until now, ATTO 360 only supported our third generation of Ethernet products including ATTO FastFrame™ 3 SmartNICs and ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt™ devices. This latest update, 360 Version 4, introduces support for our first-generation high-performance 10GbE products.

This means an even wider range of ATTO Ethernet products now benefit from the tuning, monitoring and diagnostic features that customers have found indispensable including highly customized tuning profiles from partners like Dell, Autodesk and Avid, simple troubleshooting and less downtime.

ATTO 360 v4 will be available soon.

ATTO booth N4814 and Dell booth N4413 at NAB 2022 are conveniently right next to each other! Stop by to learn more about our joint solutions.

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