ATTO Receives VMware’s Highest Level of Endorsement

ATTO Receives VMware’s Highest Level of Endorsement

Sep 09, 2019

ATTO Receives VMware’s Highest Level of Endorsement

ATTO is pleased to announce that ATTO XstreamCORE® FC 7550 and 7600 accelerated protocol bridges have achieved VMware Ready™ status.  This designation is VMware’s highest level of endorsement, achieved after a detailed validation process.

ATTO XstreamCORE FC 7550 and 7600 now qualify for the VMware Ready™ logo, which signifies 7550 and 7600 meet specific VMware interoperability standards and work effectively with VMware cloud infrastructures.  VMware Ready™ status means VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7 supports XstreamCORE FC 7550 and 7600.

XstreamCORE FC 7550 and 7600 accelerated protocol bridges easily transform existing direct-attached SAS storage into a pool of scalable Fibre Channel storage.  Using XstreamCORE 7550 and 7600, IT Administrators can build a high-performance storage area network (SAN) quickly and cost-effectively by connecting direct-attached SAS storage to up to 64 physical hosts.

7550 and 7600 can provide storage expansion options where none were available previously.  For example, server architectures built on blade servers can break free from their inherent storage limitations by just adding XstreamCORE.

The VMware Ready program is a co-branding benefit of the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program that makes it easy for customers to identify partner products certified to work with VMware cloud infrastructure.  Customers can use these products and solutions to lower project risks and realize cost savings over custom-built solutions.

ATTO Technology can be found within the online VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) at The VMware Solution Exchange is an online marketplace where VMware partners and developers can publish rich marketing content and downloadable software for our customers.

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