Glimpse the future of storage architectures - ATTO SiliconDisk is here!

Glimpse the future of storage architectures - ATTO SiliconDisk is here!

Nov 03, 2020

ATTO Technology has recently unveiled the newest addition to our product family, ATTO SiliconDisk™, a no-compromise storage solution that combines cutting-edge speed and performance with the flexibility of legacy storage technologies. ATTO SiliconDisk is a scalable, state-of-the-art NVMe storage product that is 100 times faster than flash-based storage solutions with much lower latency and can be distributed and shared.

System architects recognize that there’s a storage performance gap even with flash technology, which is fast but not enough to overcome the challenges modern data loads impose. ATTO SiliconDisk represents a new tier in the storage pyramid, addressing the gap between RAM and traditional storage. By bridging that gap SiliconDisk becomes essential for next-generation data processing.

With a staggering <600 nanoseconds of latency, four 100Gb Ethernet ports and 25GB/s of sustained throughput, SiliconDisk storage blows away current SSD solutions for performance. The four channels of ultra-fast 100GbE are integrated into a single chip and linked to high-speed RAM, all managed by ATTO xCORE™ storage controller technology to eliminate any bottlenecks in performance.

What can SiliconDisk do? SiliconDisk increases performance predictability under peak loads. It provides guaranteed ultra-low latency for critical applications and boosts processing capabilities thanks to its RAM-based persistent storage.

Data is instantly stored and retrieved with incredible speed making more streams of video available for editing and processing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications can capture and analyze more data instances. Manipulate more data sets quicker and achieve incredible performance for index lookups. By moving RAM-level storage data externally to a shared fabric for high-availability configurations, every node can have easy access to share that data.

SiliconDisk is the first and only 1U DRAM-based solid-state storage appliance with multiple 100GbE port connectivity. Even with all of that power and performance, it is easily attached to an Ethernet fabric and quickly set up for access by multiple servers.

Completing the package of exclusive, built-in technologies are ATTO RToptimizer™ and ATTO Infinite Write Endurance™. RToptimizer delivers real-time performance analytics of storage network connections, storage utilization, as well as overall SiliconDisk data performance for quick and accurate solution optimization. With Infinite Write Endurance RAM memory used in SiliconDisk has no “per write” flash performance penalties or worry of memory wear-out.

Glimpse the future of storage architectures now! Visit for additional details.

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