ATTO is ready with support for the new Apple® iMac®

ATTO is ready with support for the new Apple® iMac®

May 04, 2021

From creation to delivery, Apple’s Mac® portfolio is a staple in cutting-edge creative content workflows. Apple’s latest 2021 spring event added a revamped iMac® to their evolving portfolio.

The latest iMac has three key areas of focus; power, efficiency and security. These are also some of the key focal points behind Apple’s introduction of the powerful M1 chipset which is featured in their newest MacMini®, MacBook Pro® and now the brand new 2021 iMac.

The new 2021 iMac boasts a sleek new design with 4.5K Retina display, professional audio quality and two Thunderbolt™3 ports to provide key connectivity. ATTO has a complete line of Thunderbolt™ adapters across Fibre Channel, Ethernet and SAS/SATA protocols that provide essential high-performance connectivity between storage and networks and all of Apple’s Mac platforms, including the new the iMac.

ATTO has been a long-standing member of the Apple® developer community. This gives us a deep understanding of Apple hardware and keen insight into how to best design products that utilize the Mac operating system. ATTO has also been an original Thunderbolt developer since the technology’s inception.

Each ATTO ThunderLink® Thunderbolt adapter has been through extensive testing to complete the Thunderbolt Mac certification process. ATTO’s history in testing and developing with Mac products allows us to optimize performance and throughput specifically for Mac environments.

Beyond hosts and operating systems, ATTO ThunderLink Thunderbolt adapters are also extensively tested for interoperability with leading storage, switch and software vendors. This allows customers to build out a complete workflow with the confidence that all components can be seamlessly deployed into existing workflows.

ATTO understands the intricacies of Mac users’ creation workflows and have optimized our products for these environments. The focus remains on low latency with smooth and reliable data delivery that allows users to maintain the highest consistent performance. The combination of ATTO’s extensive development history and platforms such as the new Apple iMac and ATTO ThunderLink provide an unbeatable high bandwidth connectivity solution.

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